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Omotoso trial: Here’s what we know about Omotoso co-accused Lusanda Solani

By Afikile Lugunya - Oct 19, 2018
Omotoso trial: Here’s what we know about Omotoso co-accused Lusanda Solani

You have probably been wondering, who are those two women appearing alongside Nigerian televangelist and Senior pastor at the Jesus Dominion International Church, Timothy Omotoso, during his ongoing trial.

One of them is Lusanda Solani, apparently also called the "Madame" at Omotoso’s Umhlanga house in Durban. She is facing 56 charges in total, 36 main charges and 20 alternative charges.

Last week, the first witness, Cheryl Zondi, described Solani as having had a hand in the abuse of girls at the Omotoso home as she was apparently in charge of their grooming for Omotoso as well as their upkeep.

Lusanda Solani in charge of the girls at Omotoso's house

According to Zondi, when she was still residing at Omotoso’s house , a woman by the name of Fezeka was in charge of the girls.

Fezeka apparently left and Solani took over.

Her duties included organizing transport for the girls to and fro Omotoso’s house. She also apparently made sure that the girls went into Omotoso's bedroom when they were required to.

Whenever the girls wanted anything including toiletries or new hair pieces, they went to Solani.

Zondi claimed that in 2015, Solani was among those, who tricked her into going back to the Jesus Dominion International Church and also back to Omotoso’s Umhlanga house after her mother her pulled her out of the church.

Solnai faces a kidnapping charge

Apparently, Solani was the one, who organised transportation for Zondi to be present at the National Conference, which was held in Port Elizabeth. However, she didn't organize transport for Zondi to return to her home.

She was then forced to go to Omotoso’s house in Umhlanga after the conference, where she was placed under strict supervision to ensure she does not escape the home.

Zondi later escaped the house and fled using the R300 she had been given to do her hair.

Thus, according to the State, Solani has a kidnapping charge to answer to in addition to other charges.

Solani has refused to plead to any of the charges against her and is also being represented by lawyer, Peter Daubermann.

She resides in Durban, but was arrested by police late last year while visiting relatives in Port Elizabeth.

A conversation between her and another witness that is expected to testify on Monday, shows that she was indeed giving money to the girls. The conversation was seen by RNEWS.

Solani also faces several counts of participating in the conduct of an enterprise through a pattern of racketeering (contravening section 2 (1)(e) of the Prevention of Organise Crime Act 121 of 1998 as amended.

The other counts pertain to her alleged involvement in the trafficking of persons for sexual purposes (contravening section 71 (1)of the criminal law (sexual Offences and Related Matters.

She is currently out on bail.

Trial continues on Monday…