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Omotoso trial: NPA not shaken by Defense's antics, says 'Omotoso has a case to answer'

By Afikile Lugunya - Oct 30, 2018
Omotoso trial: NPA not shaken by Defense's antics, says 'Omotoso has a case to answer'

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) on Tuesday said that controversial Nigerian televangelist and Senior Pastor of the Jesus Dominion International church, Timothy 'Tim' Omotoso, has a case to answer.

Omotoso and his co-accused, Lusanda Sulani and Zukiswa Sitho, face a total of 97 charges - 63 of which are the main charges and 34 are listed as alternative charges.

NPA spokesperson, Tsepo Ndwalaza, who has been following the trial from day one, applauded presiding Judge Mandela Makaula for dismissing the application by the Defense that he steps down from Omotoso trial over alleged bias.

"It was good for the Judge to dismiss the appeal because it was baseless in reality," Ndwalaza said.

He added that they are not shaken by "the stunts" pulled by the Defense team.

The prosecution believe that Omotoso has a "case to answer to in this court and the tactics they are using are not going to work very well".

He added that it's going to take longer to finish this trial after the events of Tuesday.

"We belive that this is a ploy to unsettle the whole case and we don't think that they are going to win."

'Removing Judge Makaula would see Cheryl Zondi coming back to the stand'

Removing Juge Makaula would mean that the first State witness, Cheryl Zondi, would have to come back again to be re-cross-examined by the Defense.

Zondi detailed how she joined the church and was later sexually abused by Omotoso at his Durban home.

She also linked one of Omotoso's co-accused, Lusanda Solani, to the abuses.

Still, the accused refused to plead to all the charges against them.

Defense Advocate, Peter Daubermann, has since been criticised for his cross-examination of Zondi. 

As a result, Daubermann was confronted by an angry mob:

"We are here in court and we see what is really going on. We are not shaken by what is going," Ndwalaza.

"It's going to take 30 days for the whole process and that is when we will know what to do by then."

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