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ON HOLIDAY OR ON BUSINESS: Bamboo the Guest House is perfect for those needing a home in Knysna

ON HOLIDAY OR ON BUSINESS: Bamboo the Guest House is perfect for those needing a home in Knysna

On a recent trip to the Garden Route, I found myself needing somewhere to stay. After surfing the web for options, I stumbled across Bamboo the Guest House. Being conveniently situated in Knysna, it was close to all the places that I was visiting. Their website promised ‘a unique life experience’ so I decided to book my stay with them.

Walking to the main entrance through a forest of plants and trees, water features and birds, my ‘unique life experience’ began. Upon my arrival at reception, I was warmly welcomed by the manager, Jay who was escorted me via a wooden pathway to my mystic hideaway.

My room was spectacular and the view from it was even better. Surrounded by trees and perfect quietness I felt as if I was in another world – a magical, enchanting, fairylike world.

Bamboo has a total of 14 rooms, each with their own theme. Ranging from Forest Cabin to Tree Fern and River Reed to Bullrush, Pampas and Bamboo Grove, the names of the rooms are just as creative as the interior design itself.

All the rooms have their own wood-burning fireplaces, flat screen televisions, heaters, ceiling fans, fridges, safes and en-suite bathrooms. There is also a swimming pool for everyone to enjoy. One of the honeymoon rooms even has its own private swimming pool for the exclusive use of the honeymoon couple. Bamboo also offers all their guests free Wi-Fi and safe parking.

I was pleased to hear that Bamboo tries to be as eco-friendly as possible. Using only rainwater and eco-friendly cleaning products supports their sustainability beliefs. They also have two large vegetable gardens which provide the restaurant kitchen with fresh vegetables daily.

Speaking of the restaurant, the crackling fire, great music and the smell of food gives it an indescribable vibe. You instantly feel right at home. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, a guest or only a diner, this is the ideal place to enjoy home-cooked dinners.

A popular dinner option is a traditional South African braai on the deck and I was told that the kids can even make their own pizzas under supervision in the kitchen if mom and dad want some alone-time.

Bamboo also hosts a series of dinner evenings, all with themes of course. Events like the Mexican fiesta, Hawaiian barbeque, wine tasting evenings and so forth are just a few of the many events to look forward to. I will definitely be attending one of these events when I am in the neighbourhood again.

Before I knew it, my exciting evening of good food, great music, fun and laughter was over and it was time for bed. The peace and quietness ensured a great night’s rest for me.

The next morning I woke to the sound of birds chirping and the wind gently blowing through the leaves of the trees surrounding me. This was far better than my normal wake-up routine with the alarm shrieking in my ears.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I was curious to see what my options were. English breakfast, sweet or savoury pancakes and a buffet of goodies which included homemade muesli, fresh fruit and yogurt were all available. I decided to have the savoury pancakes and was very happy with my decision from the first bite. Filled with melted cheese, fresh tomato, crispy bacon and fried mushrooms, it was the perfect start to my day and gave me all the energy I needed for the hectic day I had ahead.

All-in-all, my short stay at Bamboo was truly an out of this world experience. After having a couple of chats to their friendly, interactive staff, I already felt part of the family and even found myself feeling sad to leave for Port Elizabeth. They made me feel right at home and made my stay a memorable one. I am looking forward to my next trip to Knysna and can’t wait for my next escape to my magical, peaceful fairy hideaway.

Bamboo the Guest House is perfect for honeymoons, romantic evenings, renewing your vows and the ideal place for locals to get away for one night.

To book your dinner or accommodation, visit www.bambooguesthouse.co.za or contact 044 384 0937.