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“Only a positive climate can lead to job creation” - FF+

By Charl Bosch - Aug 12, 2015
“Only a positive climate can lead to job creation” - FF+

Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder has accused President Jacob Zuma of “running away” from Parliament, following the tabling of his mid-year report at a media briefing yesterday instead of in the National Assembly.

Speaking in a statement, Mulder stated that government’s constant blaming of world trends as the root of South Africa’s falling economy leaves little hope that the country would emerge from its current slump.

“The poor economic growth and increasing unemployment can be directly linked to the government’s labour and economic policy,” Mulder said.

“Worldwide, economic history has shown that governments cannot create jobs. Governments can only create positive circumstances and the climate within which the private sector can grow and in so doing, create jobs”.

Taking a swipe at government’s alliance with the South African Communist Party (SACP), Mulder added that the latter’s influence was bound to have a negative effect as proven by the failure of the then-communist regime in East German.

“Communist and socialist countries failed precisely because the state believed that it could create jobs and control the economy by doing this,” he said.

“The South African government, under the strong influence of the SACP however believes that, with the creation of new posts and the refusal to, for example, privatise Eskom, the SAA or Telkom, it could resolve the country’s economic problems. The President’s mid-year report proves that government has still not let go of this short-sighted economic policy direction”.