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Open Letter: 'ACDP must be commended for standing up to Trollip over PA deal'

By Lawrence Troon - Apr 25, 2018
Open Letter: 'ACDP must be commended for standing up to Trollip over PA deal'

The letter below was received from former African National Congress (ANC) Councillor, Lawrence Troon. It was published verbatim.


The leaked voice clips of councillor Lance Grootboom of the ACDP has stimulated much public debated.

After growing a backbone and standing up to dictator and bully Trollip Grootboom expressed his dissatisfaction and that of his national leaders about how Trollip is treating the minority parties within the coalition. Grootboom is heard saying in the sound clip."i am only good for voting in council. I did not know anything about the Patriotic Alliance becoming part of the coalition government".

Grootboom and the ACDP must really be commended for taking this stance. The public must be warned not to see the Patriotic Alliance as a normal political party but a dangerous device that in years to come will completely destroy our social, moral and ethical fibre.

Most political parties are established for noble purposes and to make a positive difference in the lives of our poor. These noble deeds can sometimes be misconstrued by people doing good deeds. Gangsters many times come to the assistance of the poor and the destitute in taking care of their daily needs. Thus the gangster is no longer seen as a gangster by the recipient but as a provider.

The citizens of Nelson Mandela bay metro must note that the president of the Patriotic Alliance is a known convicted criminal and gangster .the fact that Athol Trollip has stooped so low to cling to power and begged the patriotic alliance to form part of the coalition is deplorable to say the least but expected from a tyrant like Trollip.

We should take note of countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Italy to name but a few that are now ruled by the Mafia. The leaders of those captured mafia states have started their political parties in the same way as the patriotic alliance did.

Convicted criminals such as Gayton McKenzie are looking for an entry point to government. Once this has happened they are on their way of capturing and controlling government. The current situation in Nelson Mandela bay metro is a perfect example to make my point.

The DA and ANC did everything to gain the support of Gayton.it is alleged large sums of money was the ultimate decider. This is only the start of a party that sees itself as a kingmaker .it places the patriotic alliance in a perfect position to bargain for tenders and any corrupt deals on behalf of their leaders.

Any political party that goes into an alliance with the patriotic alliance will be giving this party the necessary oxygen to survive.

I appeal to all right thinking political parties including the ANC to distance themselves from the patriotic alliance as the innocent looking party will grow into a monster that will devour us one day.