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Operation Erase almost finished removing of graffiti above Mancoba 7 Angels Church

Mar 14, 2018
Operation Erase almost finished removing of graffiti above Mancoba 7 Angels Church

A multi discipline team comprising of Provincial K9 Search and Rescue Team, POPS and ORS members descended on the small town of Engcobo to complete a mammoth task of erasing graffiti writings on the mountain above the home of Mancoba 7 Angels Church.

Members of this church allegedly planned and excuted the deadly attack on the Ngcobo police station in February. Seven of their members were later shot dead in a gun battle as police stormed the church. Five suspects remain in custody.

"This highly energetic team led by Brigadier Ntsabo-Provincial Head: Crime Prevention began the work earlier this work and undertook the dangerous yet necessary task of cleaning the mountains free of all the painted inscriptions in white and red paint," said police spokesperson, Captain Khaya Tonjeni.

"The task is a response to a request by community members to erase the writings as authority and consent was not solicited by the then church members.

"Due to the controversy surrounding the church, there was common consensus to remove all the writings."

He said that the members had to climb up the mountain on the outskirts of town using advanced access and mountain climbing methods in order to reach the highly placed writings on the wall.

"A large part was erased using black paint to cover the red and white paint.

"Due to it being a laborious and very time consuming process, it could not be completed in one day and the operation was stopped in the evenings to be continued on the following day," Captain Tonjeni said.

"The operation will be completed later in the week just in time for the cleansing ceremony led by the office of the MEC for Safety, Liaison and Transport in partnership with SAPS."

Eastern Cape SAPS Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga took a helicopter flight to go and see the progress and encouraged the members to work smart and prioritise their safety.

"We want the work to be done without any casualties as we shut the lid of a very painful chapter in the history of the South African Police Service in our province," she quipped.

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