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Operation Fiela II: Mdantsane drivers slapped with fines worth over R50 000

May 5, 2018
Operation Fiela II: Mdantsane drivers slapped with fines worth over R50 000

Operation Fiela 2 was in full swing in the Mdantsane cluster on Friday with various anti-crime operations being conducted.

"Police, mounted unit, police chopper, law enforcement, traffics, environmental health and liquor board flooded the highway shopping centre in Mdantsane hunting for suspects after the reports of theft out of the delivery trucks and robberies in Highway shopping centre," described police spokesperson, Captain Nkosikho Mzuku.

"Thirty-five knives were confiscated to prevent murders.

"Five tarvens were visited to check for compliance with liquor license."

He said that several second hand-goods outlets and take away shops were also visited to check for compliance with second hand-goods licenses and  environmental health standards.

Meanwhile, fifty-five motorists were issued with traffic fines worth R51 300 for driving unlicensed motor vehicles, driving without drivers license, failing to display license disc, driving without number plate, driving without seat belt.

"Seventeen dagga zols, dagga bompies, scissor, 162 pirated CD's were found abandoned," Capt Mzuku added.

"The police chopper was conducting areal patrols searching for wanted suspects and communicating with members patrolling on the ground at the ever congested highway shopping centre." 

The deputy Cluster Commander, Brigadier Marinda Mills, said that it is important that laws relating to liquor, firearms and the running of formal and informal businesses are done according to the laws of our country including municipal by- Laws.