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Operation Phakisa continues to enhance skills for job opportunities: Manamela

By Afikile Lugunya - Sep 30, 2017
Operation Phakisa continues to enhance skills for job opportunities: Manamela

The Deputy Minister in the Presidency for Planning Monitoring and Evaluation, Buti Manamela, this week visited the Bay to monitor Operation Phakisa programmes at the Port of Port Elizabeth.

A presentation on several projects aimed at developing the skills needed for the successful implementation of the Operation Phakisa plans was conducted by Ricky Bhikraj, who is a Research Executive & Operation Phakisa Programme Director.

After the presentation, Deputy Minister Manamela said; “The corner stone has been in the Operation Phakisa’s Oceans Economy, because we have begun to see results very fast and results which made an impact.

“We have not realised the goals that were set in the time where Operation phakisa Oceans economy was launched. On conclusion of the monitoring, a report will be sent to the relevant departments."

During the tour, three boats were seen along with interns in the Port, who expressed how trilled they were to be part of the programme.

Nonela Nqeketo, an engineering intern, elaborated more on what she does at the Port.

“I am involved in the maintenance building and in major Projects, every week I have to complete a log book that states what I did and learned in that week and this is a two-year programme.

“When I have completed my 2years of interning here, they will access if I am fit enough to be a civil engineer then they will take it from there, it is not a done deal that they will permanently employ me,” she said.

The manager of the Port of PE, Rajesh Kaul, expressed how happy he is about Operation Phakisa that continues to enhance skills and create job opportunities.

“We are extremely excited about operation Phakisa because it contributes directly to job creation and skills development.

“Operation Phakisa presents a unique and operational technology and to create the capability to manage the new technology,” he described.

“We are embracing this new technology and enhancing new skills at Transnet.”

After the tour, Manamela said that he was pleased with what he was shown in the Port of Port Elizabeth.

“There’s more than 400 young people trained in different areas of our Ports, and involved in the building of boats we want to see more young people being trained as cadets, as engineers, in the agriculture sector and taking over these big companies," he described.

“There are two tug boats that I was showed, boat house and whole range of other thing, thereare challenges, like the Water front that has delayed but we are extremely excited with the results of Operation phakisa."