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Operators save big thanks to Isuzu Truck AMT Technology

 Operators save big thanks to Isuzu Truck AMT Technology

Isuzu Trucks Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) range of medium commercial vehicles has the potential to save operators thousands of Rands each year.

Isuzu Trucks AMT ‘Smoother’ transmission system is an industry first in South Africa that promises to make a substantial difference to what operators can expect from their vehicles, drivers and ultimately, budgets.

Two of the biggest challenges facing operators today are a severe lack of skilled drivers and the threat of down time – a situation often caused by poor driving.

The AMT range is a solution to both. It’s the answer to many of our clients’ biggest threats to their bottom line.

Basically, AMT is a manual gearbox that operates without a clutch and is controlled by an on-board computer. The fact that, from a driver’s perspective, it behaves like an automatic gearbox, means that an AMT truck is far easier to operate, requiring less training and driving skill.

That it is still essentially a manual gearbox, rather than an automatic gearbox, means that it is far cheaper to buy than an automatic truck, and it is here that an operator first benefits when buying this product.

Clutches last on average between 70 000 and 100 00 kms. This means that over the course of a vehicles life the clutch will need to be replaced five times. Over a fleet of vehicles this becomes a substantial cost.

The fact that there is no clutch to replace is not the AMT’s only money saver. Commercial transport is a time-based, highly-competitive industry. Downtime can be detrimental to an operator with delivery deadlines to meet. How a vehicle is driven plays a major role in the maintenance, lifespan and overall efficiency of that vehicle.

A poorly driven vehicle will experience more frequent breakdowns and maintenance issues than a well-driven vehicle. By contrast, a well-treated engine will have a longer life span and will naturally be more fuel efficient.

However, the problem many local operators face is a shortage of skilled drivers and often not enough time to really invest in driver training. Deliveries need to be met first.

AMT is an answer to this problem. These trucks are much simpler to drive, which means that drivers can concentrate on the road and getting their loads to the necessary destinations on time, rather than on how they are driving the vehicle.

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