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Opinion: Is the ANC chasing its downfall?

Opinion: Is the ANC chasing its downfall?

Loyalty is not always golden, it loses its value when trust is completely lost. What does it take for trust to completely disappear from a relationship? Dishonesty, misleading and the repetition of the same mistakes over and over again. How then does a political party lose the trust of its followers? Again, Dishonesty, misleading and the repetion of the same mistakes over and over again.

It's no secret that the ANC ship is sinking - after a hundred and four years of carrying it's  followers through the terrific storm of the Apartheid regime and into the calm seas of democracy. 'n Vis frot van die kop af' is a phrase that my Afrikaans teacher tought us in high school, meaning a fish rots from the head down.

I always found her statement true when I applied it to crumbling households, churches and schools. Applying the same statement to the current political structure of the ANC, it still proves that indeed if leadership is rotten, the entire team will be rust as rotten.

It has been two terms away, chasing a third, since the ANC elected its president and the president of the nation, Jacob Zuma. It started out with sunshine and daisys after, whether we like it or not, our leader was put on the highest seat of the all. Even Trevor Noah, the famous comidian who is not afraid to shame politicians with humor, admitted that Jacob Zuma gave him little to work with, saying "he is not acting as he should be".

President Jacob Zuma says nothing wrong with Nkandla in 2014. Video courtesy of Tribe2Tribes YouTube Channel.

However, what started out as an almost silent whimp is now a chant of a collective. The depth of corruption within the ANC was exposed when more that 250 million was spent on security upgrades of the homestead of the president in Nkandla. 

After the Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's statement was released, the ANC found itself sinking in an even more dangerous storm, the the recent discovery of the Panama Papers, the Gupta dealings and a cabinet that seems to be in full support of distroying a powerful vision which was set a hundred and four years ago.

As strong as the ANC is or was, rebuilding it from the rubles it is currently under might be even tougher than liberating the oppressed twenty-two years ago. Given their performance to date, can the ANC overcome its challenges like it did after the end of Apartheid? Can it keep Mandela's vision blazing like a wild fire or has the fire extinguished already?

Seemingly, keeping the loyalty of its followers until the secong coming is not the only issue the ANC needs to worry about. The unity of strong oppositin parties is another problem that will keep the ANC president up at night. The DA (Democratic Alliance) had already called for an impeachment of the president in April with other parties in full support of the motion.

Having to deal with upset followers and a strong opposition, it would be quite smart of them to deal with the problems headon before the nation witnesses a great fall of a great party.

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