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Opinion: Paradise Beach Causeway in sad state

Opinion: Paradise Beach Causeway in sad state

After enduring many a bright, sunny but 'silently empty' Causeway Repairs days, Paradise Beach residents were told to be patient, as the contractor had 'other obligations'.

The contractor in turn, assured the public at the time, that they are well within their time frame and easily forecast the repairs to be completed by end March.

Everyone sat back... only to witness a mere week later, again, no movement, not a working soul to be found - this time to be told that the contractor has ordered cement to be delivered over a Friday and Saturday.

Modern technology clearly provided the ordinary layman on Monday already, with a weekly weather forecast, predicting storms and rain all the latter of the week and weekend.

Residents slip, slide and literally risk their lives using the R102 gravel, now mudslide passing Lombardini.

As the rain continues to fall... clouding  the ghostly road, and the hopes of residents even more into a sight of utter despair and disappointment,  the facts emerge: even if we didn't have the blessing of rain on Friday and Saturday, and the cement was laid, the causeway would still be 'late'.


With the rain putting a mere week delay on the calendar, bearing many a cross in anticipation of the opening, the cement would still need a week to dry... and then a layer of tarmac still has to follow...guessi ng another week or so? This means we heading for the 2nd or 3rd week in April already, if not later!

And of course the municipality keeping mum about the height beams that has never been, or will be erected? Yes, the same iron frames that will prevent THEIR trucks from using the 3.5 ton limited causeway.

To add some more gloom to the sleepless nights, the 'alternative' route is being ignored, not to mention the words 'constant maintenance' screaming in it's absence in the vocabulary of the Dept of Roadworks / Kouga Local Municipality.

And now it is even more of a mess, steel frames emerged in water for days on end, as the formation of rust deteriorates the very reinforcement that is supposed to ensure us all a repaired, safe, not to mention very expensive road to use, for many years to come. 

Sadly, Paradise Beach and Aston residents have been promised the same thing in 2013, a mere 2 years ago, after enduring an extended 7 month repair period on a 3 month allocated project, only to experience the same again... and in 2 years again?


Images: Dawn Nel