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Opinion: The ANC knows more about the mysterious cash heists

By Ndiyakholwa Ngqulu - Jul 20, 2018
Opinion: The ANC knows more about the mysterious cash heists

The ANC has, for many years, jealously defended and actively supported its own high profile comrades who were accused of various crimes including the controversial rape case of its former president Jacob Zuma against the late noble daughter of the soil Khwezi (May her soul rest in peace), the convicted abuser of women Mduduzi Manana (ANC NEC), the accused rapist Danny Jordaan (former Mayor of NMBMM), the accused serial looters of state funds in the name of Nelson Mandela, etc. claiming to uphold a principle of “Innocent until proven guilty and that public should allow the arm of the law to take its place”but has since broken away from this tradition.

Subsequently, we are only left to ask ourselves a number of questions; what on earth has led to the change of tunes today when a mere employee of the ANC is facing accusations of being linked or involved in the mysterious cash heist? Obviously the key word here is ACCUSED,what prompted this outright dismissal by an organization that has defended many before against all odds?

Informed by the absence of answers to these pertinent questions, it is safe to argue that the ANC is determined, at all costs, to sway away the general public from associating its “good name” from the ongoing cash heists in the country going to 2019 General Election.

If this is not true, then the ANC has a greater detail of this case that the rest of us as the public do not know about. If not, we will ask, what internal procedures were followed in arriving at this decision which would warrant the employees’ rights to be violated in this unprecedented manner and pace? Based on what evidence really? 

We all know that the ANC, the government of the day has for countless times allowed its members and deployees to get a free ticket with no consequence or action while hiding under the umbrella “the law must taking its course” but now has since divorced that tradition, why?

It raised such questions for an organization that has always presented itself as “a law abiding citizen” when such premature actions are taken.

Why all of a sudden the ANC is so quick to act now, doesn't he also deserve to be heard just like Zuma, Manana, etc? As the leading government what precedence is the ANC setting for private industry that already abuses and mistreats our poor black workers?

Does the ANC suggest that “an accusation” as they always say, is enough to fire an employee? Did they even think that the employee might be innocent or does ANC has its hand in the cookie jar? All these questions are necessary to be asked until the ANC reveals to us exactly what is it that they know about the cash-in-transit heists in this country  which the rest of us doesn't.

Before I am misquoted or misunderstood I do not suggest that ANC should not act when it has reasons to do so. However, as a nation we must refuse to be served buffet of lies and hypocrisy, we deserve far better than this.

The ANC must come out of the closet and tell the truth behind its unprecedented decision to fire someone who by their own standards is “innocent until proven guilty. “

Ndiyakholwa Ngqulu is an employee of the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa (HSRC), a member South African Youth Council (SAYC) NEC and Master's student of Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). Views expressed in this article are his only.