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OPINION: Where are the true leaders of the ANC?

By Graeme Lund - Mar 31, 2017
OPINION: Where are the true leaders of the ANC?

The African National Congress (ANC) is built on the foundation of brave men and woman, men and woman of integrity, courage and self-sacrifice.  Two of its leaders were recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize and many others were loved by all the peoples of South Africa, regardless of their political affiliation.

In recent years we have watched this once well respected political party be disgraced again and again by Jacob Zuma and his cadre of self-serving appointees.  It is not only the ANC that has suffered but South Africa as a whole. Our reputation as a non-aligned, morally correct, industrious and caring nation has been destroyed by our current President.

Yesterday, 30 March 2017, reminds me of another day in our history, 4 June 1948, when another infamous South Africa leader and his idiotic team, through their selfish and morally corrupt behaviour, destroyed the reputation, economy and happiness of our beloved country.

At that time the ANC came to South Africa’s rescue when the likes of Nelson Mandela and Ahmed Kathrada stood up for our rights and in the end restored South Africa’s moral and economic health.

The ANC still has a few men of the courage and stature of Nelson Mandela.  Pravin Gordhan and Mcebisi Jonas, are South Africa’s current national heroes, and respected and supported by South African’s across our entire political spectrum.

These two men are the dam wall holding back the flood of state capture, corruption and outright theft of South Africa’s hard won economic gains.

However, Jacob Zuma, despite national and international condemnation, just like Hendrik Verwoed before him, has continued on his planned path of destruction.  Last night he axed our national heroes and busted the lock of our economic coffers.

At this moment in South Africa’s history we need more Pravins and more Mcebisis.  Where are they?  Where are the true leaders of the ANC?