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Oracle Media's Neil Barker new brand ambassador for Volvo Eastern Cape

FEBRUARY 18, 2016
Oracle Media's Neil Barker new brand ambassador for Volvo Eastern Cape

Neil Barker, CEO of Oracle Media and Principle of Just Property Group Independent, in Port Elizabeth, is the new brand ambassador for Eastern Cape Motors Volvo.

The 9th February 2016 started his journey with Volvo and you can now spot him driving around Port Elizabeth in the new Volvo V40 branded with Oracle Media and Volvo Cars Port Elizabeth.

Rudi Pillay, Sales Manager, at Volvo Cars Port Elizabeth, “Volvo together with Neil hope to reach various walks of life in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan area. Neil is young and vibrant and has the widespread reach we are looking for to promote our brand. We are shifting its public’s focus away from the previous beliefs that it is purely an old man’s car.”

The partnership with Volvo Cars will bring a certainty that the younger and more modern demographic will view Volvo in a newer, fresher and more appealing light. Volvo is a car that can stand out by itself, with Neil and Volvo working together additional exposure will be created by having the branding on the vehicle.

“We at Volvo Cars feel that a superb opportunity to tap into an area we would have difficulty penetrating. Neil is exactly the kind of person we would want to be seeing driving our dynamic vibrant Volvo V40,” says Rudi.

According to Vaila Sinclair, Public Relations Assistant at Oracle Media, "Neil has started 2016 with full force and determination to build the Oracle Media brand. We are excited to now have Volvo as part of our team.

"The relationship will be incredibly beneficial to all parties involved."

For further information go to the Oracle Media Facebook page or www.oraclegroup.co.za.

Image: Neil Barker via Facebook