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Oscar felt worthless after Reeva’s death says psychologist

Oscar felt worthless after Reeva’s death says psychologist

The psychologist treating Paralympian Oscar Pistroius, has told the North Gauteng High Court that the athlete showed real remorse and genuine grief for shooting Reeva Steenkamps at his Silver Lakes estate home on Valentine’s Day last year.

Reading from her observation notes during the first day of sentencing, Lore Hartzenberg said that Pistorius was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) and depression, which would often result in him crying and weeping during sessions when recalling the events of the tragedy.

She also added that due to the widespread media attention on television, in the newspapers and on social media, Pistorius was “deprived of mourning over Reeva and saddened that he could not attend her memorial and funeral which offers closure”.

Hartzenberg told the court that the media, and so called experts, had painted Pistorius in a bad light after he had been convicted of culpable homicide last month, and that this had “destroyed his self-worth to an extent that he felt utterly worthless.”

“As international ambassador for Laureus Sport for Good he feels he had lost his voice,” she said.

“He felt isolated after Ms. Steenkamp’s death and also lost all his mutual friends he shared with her.”

“His healing process was interrupted by false reports and constant negativety. The pain he has shown is real”.

Hartzenberg went on to describe Pistorius as a “broken man had lost his self-worth, perception and identity” and that he was unlikely recover from the events.

Responding to questions by State prosecutor Gerrie Nel as why her report only focused on Pistorius, Hartzenberg said that she only dealt with the athlete and was merely “here to give her observation”.

Asked by Nel if any post-trail discussions had been made with regards to Pistorius’ career, Hartzenberg said that that no mentions had been made and they were “simply taking each step day-by-day.”

She also added that Pistorius talked briefly about his relationship with Steenkamp, describing her as the one and whom “he wanted to share everything with”.