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Oscar Pistorius also a victim! Roux

Oscar Pistorius also a victim! Roux

Oscar Pistorius is also a “victim” – he lost the love of his life, has lost all forms of income and has been attacked incessantly by the media, the High Court in Pretoria heard on Friday.

Defence advocate Barry Roux, said this in his final arguments in a bid to convince Judge Thokozile Masipa to be lenient with his client, Pistorius.

Throughout the week, the defence has been calling for a sentence of correctional supervision, also known as house arrest.

Roux said that it was beyond any argument that the loss of human life in this case is impossible to ignore. However, he said that understanding the context of such a tragic event should help determine the consequences for Pistorius.

He assured the court that Pistorius had taken responsibility for his actions saying that the State would no doubt present numerous cases for a harsh sentence as a deterrent or for reasons of retribution.

Roux reiterated, based on the numerous psychological expert testimony, that Pistorius's actions were dominated by vulnerability and anxiety.

He said in the context of “ubuntu” or human kindness, if a man, for example, stole a goat from another man, the man should either give the goat back or if he can't, help benefit society and the victims in some other way.

That is more representative of “restorative justice”, Roux argued.

He said that while crime hurts, justice must heal and while acknowledging that society wanted Pistorius imprisoned for his negligence, this wasn't best for society.

Roux said at first there was an accused and a victim, but shortly after, Pistorius also became a victim.

He said that upon being arrested for pre-meditated murder, the investigating officer provided false evidence; not a single witness refuted how Pistorius felt about his relationship with Steenkamp, and the sincere emotions he felt upon killing her.

Roux brought up how just after the shooting, journalists and those on social media accused him falsely of crushing Steenkamp's head with a cricket bat, that he was under the influence of steroids and that he had taken acting lessons to appear more sincere on the stand, among other allegations.