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'Out of control' NMMU student party leaves neighbours bitter

AUGUST 15, 2016
'Out of control' NMMU student party leaves neighbours bitter

Fun Friday and Saturday nights for Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) students at a residence in the quiet suburb of Humewood, Port Elizabeth, has left some of their neighbours upset over their "disgraceful behaviour".

According to a local resident, Ronelle Boshoff, who submitted the photos below of "the morning after", the NMMU students residing at Bantry Court in Humewood  have caused a nuisance in the area.  She decribes the building as a "seemingly unsupervised NMMU- approved accommodation"

"Friday night, the [PE] flying squad had to be called out.

"Saturday night the drunkenness, uninhibited drinking, screaming and shouting in the streets as well as from within Bantry Court together with loud music just continued," she described.

"Raucous parties, shouting from the balconies together with loud, filthy swearing at pedestrians in the street are the order of the day! These types of incidents have constantly been reported over a period of time to NMMU and especially about the image they are portraying, but the University has taken no action.

"Pity that these hooligans are being prepared for the future by a tertiary institution that seemingly has no control over students residing in 'hostels' in the suburbs."

Boshoff called on the authorities to ensure that 'hostel type' accommodation in residential suburbs is strictly controlled "or gotten ridden of and/or prohibited".

"The Municipality and University need to take serious action as this out of control type of living as it is not only destroying the suburb but especially corrupting many young people into severe alcohol and drug abuse. #Feesmustfall seems to be subsidizing this!" adds Ronelle.

Images: The morning after.

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