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Over 1 200 arrested since last week as police operations sweep across Eastern Cape

Nov 30, 2017
Over 1 200 arrested since last week as police operations sweep across Eastern Cape

Multi faceted intelligence driven operations are eliminating law breakers from the society moving close to the dream of rendering Eastern Cape Province crime free.

This week police in the province announced that since Tuesday last week, over 1 288 suspects were arrested by police in different clusters through police driven operations and enhanced visibility aimed at maximising the safety of the citizens and their property throughout the festive season.

The suspects were arrested for the following crimes:

  • Murder – 45
  • Attempted murder -11
  • Robberies- 35
  • Assault-188
  • Burglary-45
  • Contact crimes-57
  • Property related crimes-103

"Festive season is characterised with a spike in festivity like braais, traditional ceremonies and other social events that brings people together. The stock thieves are also trying their best to make a quick buck during this time by stealing other people’s stock for consumption and resale," described police spokesperson, Captain Nkosikho Mzuku.

"The police have arrested at least 44 suspects for theft of stock, possession of suspected stolen stock and being in possession of stock without the necessary documentation.

"Police would like to plead with members of the public to refrain from buying meat and stock from unscrupulous dealers since this act is providing a market for this type of crime.

"The police will have no option but to arrest the seller and the buyer in such instances."

He said that police arrested 30 suspects for illegally dealing in liquor and also managed to confiscate at least 6 700 litres of alcohol from illegal dealers and members of the public found drinking in public and contributing to public disorder.

"Drugs to the tune of R70 000 were confiscated that included mandrax, dagga, cocaine, meth and khat.

"The fight against proliferation of illegal firearms received a good boost when 9 suspects were arrested for possession of illegal firearms. Forty two (42) illegal firearms and 198 units of ammunition were also confiscated," Captain Mzuku said.

"The firearms will be sent for ballistic tests to ascertain whether they have been used before in the commission of crime."

Police officers have been commended for ensuring the safety of the citizens and their safety during these operations by the Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Liziwe Ntshinga, who reaffirmed her commitment of making Eastern Cape citizens safe.

“We have police in all the critical places and this must remain the status quo. There must be no space for criminals to operate. She also pleaded with the public to exercise caution when driving and be patient when approaching police road blocks and operations, as these initiatives are undertaken to ensure safety of the citizens and our visitors,” she added.