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Over 185 000 expected at Bay's four beaches for New Year celebrations

Dec 28, 2017
Over 185 000 expected at Bay's four beaches for New Year celebrations

Actions speak louder than words, that is the approach that Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is taking in relation to preparations for the New Year celebrations. 

"As previously communicated, safety of all has been identified as a pillar of this year's planning and preparations," said Municipal Spokesperson, Mthubanzi Mniki. 

"Team work between Beach Office staff, Metro Police, SAPS, Municipal Security staff, Municipal traffic officials, Ward Councillors and beach goers themselves has been a winning recipe so far and will be intensified.

"SAPS will have dedicated team with investigators. We plan to have a safe festive season."

He added that public order police working with Metro Police will be deployed 24 hours patroling all beach areas.

"SAPS port of entry will also deploy personel in all the beaches. 

"Children tagging system will be introduced to make sure that lost children are reunited with their parents," Mniki described. 

"Drinking and driving and drinking and walking will be dealt with severely."

He said that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality expectes 80 000 people expected in Wells Estate while 60 000 are expected at Kings beach, 40 000 in Hobie, 15 000 in Humewood.

"They will also be voc opened in Wells Estate servicing St George's, Blue Water Bay, Newbrighton  Beach and another VOC focusing on Hobie, Humewood, Kings, Pollock and other beaches in that area. 

"Traffic will focus on traffic congestion and general road traffic transgressions. Road blocks will also be set up across Nelson Mandela Bay focusing in all the routes leading to all the beach areas. Traffic wardens will also add in. Patrols and   traffic control will also be done along the freeways and intersections," Mniki said.

"All beaches will be maned by lifeguards. 

"Municipal Public Health will work 24 hours dealing with refuse collection and keeping all beaches clean.

"Facilities will be maintained with plumbers always on standby to fix any problem. All beaches will have cleaning staff making sure showers, toilets and other areas are clean."

Mniki said that Municipal Fire and Emergency will be on alert during this period with some moving around all beach areas to make sure that fires are only done where it is allowed.

NB: Challenges are experienced when emergency services vehicles need to rush a person out.

  • Challenge with pedestrians walking across N2 freeway from and to Wells Estate, Kamvelihle and Motherwell. 
  • Traffic congestion of cars on the N2 freeway due to cars moving slow from St George's Beach.
  • Under age drinking  becoming one of the serious problems.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality  encourages all beach goers to celebrate the new year responsibly.

"The municipality has organised entertainment in St George's and Hobie Beach where, music and fireworks entertainment will be part of the entertainment."

NB: Beach view resort is still closed, people are  not allowed to visit and use the facility.