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Over 27 drunk drivers arrested in Nelson Mandela Bay over the weekend

By Afikile Lugunya - Oct 1, 2018
Over 27 drunk drivers arrested in Nelson Mandela Bay over the weekend

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality traffic officers over the weekend apprehended over 27 motorists for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

According to Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality spokesperson, Mthubanzi Mniki, while the City successfully hosted the Nelson Mandela Rugby championship match between the South African rugby team, the Springboks, and the visiting Australian rugby team, the Wallabies, local traffic officers had their hands full thanks to drunk drivers.

Mniki said that because the month of October is observed as Transport Month, as a build up to the festive season, the Municipality’s law enforcement will be out in full force manning roadblocks to ensure safety and the respect of the rules of the road.

He described how Nelson Mandela Bay traffic officers worked hard to ensure that all roads leading to Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium for the Springboks-Wallabies match were safe.

Drinking and driving is a serious offence

"We want to send a clear warning to motorists to take this as a warning to refrain from driving whilst under the influence of alcohol,” Mniki added.

"Our traffic department has also noticed a worrying trend of an increase in the number of female drivers, who get arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol.”

He said that on Friday, 11 motorists were arrested for drinking and driving while 16 more motorists were also arrested on Saturday for drinking and driving.

The suspects were between 19 and 55 years old.

“The lowest reading of alcohol from Friday was 0,35 mlgrams and the highest reading was 0,94.

"At the back of this worrying trend, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality further warns sisters and mothers not to commit this serious offence as it has serious consequences," Mniki said.

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