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Over 50 vehicles, 120 temporary workers etc involved in cleaning up Bay

Jun 3, 2017
Over 50 vehicles, 120 temporary workers etc involved in cleaning up Bay

 Over 50 different vehicles, 120 temporary labourers, 50 security personnel and 50 Metro Police Officers are working around the clock to get the Bay clean again following a go slow by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's refuse collection staff that began last week. 

On Friday, the municipality said that this contingency plan, that began on Wednesday, will be over by 9 June 2017, at the latest and will only be for areas serviced with black bags. 

"Those residents who are able to dispose of their own domestic waste or garden refuse can do so between 06:00 and 18:00 at all Drop-Off Centres. Otherwise refuse bags should be tied off and placed on the sidewalk for pick up, pick up times for which are undefined," it further said.

"It is most regrettable that the Municipality has had to allocate money to the above contingency plan, when our very own refuse collection staff have the capacity to collect waste but have seemingly done so on a 'go-slow'.

"Therefore, Municipal Waste Management staff, represented by the South African Municipal Workers Union, have received the Municipality’s final decision on all matters of contention."

The Municipality said it has granted each refuse collection worker an unpaid hour of lunch and 8 paid work hours. Any overtime worked over and above these 9 hours will need to be logged through the appropriate channels.

"While the average shift time is approximately 6 hours, the Municipality understands that long distances are travelled and equipment breakdowns occur. Thus, payment for an 8 hour day compensates for such.

"The Municipality will ensure that adequate ablution facilities are provided at all landfills, in addition to those provided at depots," it added.

The irregular payment of overtime as from 1 October 2016 to 31 January 2017 is being investigated

"At a benchmarking assignment conducted by Waste Management last year, it was determined that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has some of the largest teams per waste truck, with the lowest tonnage disposal per hour," the Metro said.

"Under the direct leadership of the Executive Mayor, Waste Management is set to be totally reviewed and assessed for efficiency, so as to ensure that waste collection occurs timeously and reliably."

Any complaints or queries can be directed to 041 994 1137.