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Over 500 learners march for plastic pollution free seas in Port Elizabeth

Oct 15, 2019
Over 500 learners march for plastic pollution free seas in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth - During the close of National Marine Week - on Saturday, over 500 learners and educators of Nelson Mandela Bay, in collaboration with the Sustainable Seas Trust (SST), marched from Kings Beach to Happy Valley to create awareness towards achieving zero plastics to the seas of Africa- and collected 66kg of waste along the way.

“We have less than 30 years left to make positive changes if we are to reverse the life-threatening trend of Africa becoming the most polluted continent in the world by 2050.

"This youth march was all about getting the youth to take charge of our future and lead the way to cleaner, plastic-pollution-free seas,” said Sharne’ Woods, Communications Manager of Sustainable Seas Trust.

The march was followed by an interactive youth-led educational session filled with detailed how-to tips; the launch of 8-year-old Jemima Reilly and 12-year-old Gabriel Reilly’s innovative pet project called Munch, and a beach clean-up to reinforce the message of taking a stand, understanding what we can do and then taking action to be part of the solution.

“We need everyone to understand how dependant we are on a healthy ocean. We need everyone to understand that we are all part of the solution to stopping plastic waste from entering the seas.

"We need to stop plastic waste and other waste from entering our environment- this is how we’ll work towards achieving zero plastics to the seas,” Woods said.

Pearson High School’s Sophia Finestone, the first youth ambassador of Sustainable Seas Trust, shared a message of motivation on what every learner can do in their personal capacity towards making a positive impact.

Fumisukoma Primary learners did a demonstration to show what learners can do to keep waste out of the environment. Masazi Project from Zwartkopz Conservancy closed off the interactive learning session with a powerful entertainment piece.

Leading with Sustainable Seas Trust at this weekend’s march was Pearson High School (Summerstrand), Kabega Park Primary (Kabega), Fumisukoma Primary (Motherwell), WB Tshume Primary (KwaZakhele), Empumalanga Primary (Motherwell), Elukolweni Farm School (Lovemore Park), Masazi Project Eco Club from Zwartkops Conservancy (Motherwell), GJ Louw Primary (Korsten), Charles Duna Primary (New Brighton), Elufefeni Primary (Motherwell), Ndyebo High (Motherwell), Dumani Primary (Motherwell), Motherwell High, and Seyisi Primary (KwaZakhele).

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