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Over 60% of new business is generated from a Google business search

By Graeme Lund - Apr 25, 2019
Over 60% of new business is generated from a Google business search

2018 Consumer Review

Key Findings of a 2018 consumer review show that 27% of consumers looked online daily for a local business in 2018 – more than double the proportion in 2017; 69% look online for local businesses monthly (up from 54%) and 56% search for local businesses weekly (up from 41% last year).

Companies today effectively generate 60% of their new business from a Google search result.

What happens if you are not featuring on Google?

If you are providing goods and services to the consumer and you don’t feature on Google then you are steadily losing business to your competitors who do have a Google presence.

If you lose a regular customer because they have relocated or because you have given them poor service and you do not feature on Google then you will have less than a 40% chance of generating new business to replace what you have lost.

Even if you spend a lot of money advertising on the radio or TV or in magazines, you are less likely to generate new business than a competitor who has spent less money on positioning themselves well on Google.

You MUST have a good Google presence to grow

If you are not listed on Google you will fail, if you have a good Google listing then you will grow. Simple as that.

So how do you rank on Google? For any business it is essential that you have two things; firstly a Google Business Listing and, secondly, a website that has been correctly optimised to appear on a Google search for your industry, products and/or services.

You can a have a Google Business listing without a website, but a website does help your Google Business Listing rank better.

How do you develop a good Google ranking?

A good Google listing means that your Google Business Listing ranks in the first three on a Google Map result and that your website ranks on the first page of Google.


A rule of thumb is that business that ranks first will receive twice as many leads as business that ranks second who receive twice as many leads as business that ranks third and so on.

How do you make this happen? Well that is the complex part. It involves developing a Google Business Listing and a website that is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) for your business, industry, products and services.

A business or individual that understands SEO is worth their weight in gold. Without good SEO your Google Buisness Listing, and particularly your website, may as well not exist.

SEO is complex, ever changing and highly competitive. There are a multitude of factors that affect SEO.

These include the structure, content, images and contact information of the website. The meta information, the number of backlinks and citations also make a big difference. The download speed, security and mobile friendliness also play a pivotal role. Identifying the key search words that are appropriate to your business are absolutely vital too.

Professional assistance with SEO

If you have just discovered that your business does not have a Google Busines Listing or that you are not ranking on Google then you need to contact a digital marketing organisation such as Agency One.

Agency One is based in Port Elizabeth but they assist business internationally with websites, Google Business Listings and SEO.

For more information you can contact them via email kevin@agencyone.co.za or call 0861 636 845.

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