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Over 800 police trainees pass out at Bhisho SAPS Training Academy

Dec 21, 2018
Over 800 police trainees pass out at Bhisho SAPS Training Academy

A mood of excitement was all over as trainees geared up for final pass-out after two years of intense training in Basic Police Development Learning Programme at the Bhisho SAPS Training Academy, in Bhisho, outside King Williams Town.

Parents, families and trickled in to witness and support the trainees.

Several similar pass out parades where also held across South Africa.

South African Police Services (SAPS) national head of human resources development, Major General Hendrik Chauke, said, "849 trainees from Eastern Cape, Freestate and Northern Cape were accepted at the beginning of recruitment at Bisho.

"Twenty four trainees did not complete successful because of misconduct, dishonesty and one accidental death.

"The training focused on the following police orientation, law, CSC, crime prevention and detection, street survival and crowd management."

Acting Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Maj Gen Swart, addressing the parade, said to ensure the police force enlists the "cream of the crop'right people into the service all applicants were subjected to physical fitness, psychometric and intergity tastings as well as medical evaluations during the recruitment, selection and enlistment process.

"Vetting and fingerprints were also conducted.

"Also added and recently introduced in the curriculum are cyber crime and tactical response training."

Maj Gen Swart said the aim of this approach is to enable newly-appointed police officials to use a series of legal and policing skills to protect and serve members of communities in accordance with the Constitution of South Africa.

"It also aims to provide more effective service that will improve community satisfaction."

Police killings condemned 

Maj Gen Swart used this opportunity to denounce police killings.

"Killing of our police members remains a serious concern to the management of SAPS," he emphasized.

Twenty nine members died on duty nationally this year.

He further stressed importance on intensified internal awareness, campaigns to increase safety and reduce attacks, vehicle accidents and the killing of police officials.

"It is however every member's responsibility to ensure that they adhere to all the basic safety guidelines on and off duty," he said, adding that all police officers should be vigilant.

When trainees depart from various academies, they will be placed at police stations for 12 months probation to gain further practical experience and in-service training.

New police officers urged to be exemplary in conducting their duties

Major Gen Swart also pleaded with new police members on parade not to be part of individuals, who tarnish the image of SAPS.

"Never turn away a complainant or a victim of crime as you would be failing to execute your Constitutional mandate," he warned.

He further encouraged trainees never to unlearn or forget what they were trained to do at the college and to stand further away from temptation to take a bribe.

These members are now ready to supplement our resources and some of this trainees are going straight to Safer Festive Season operations deployment on 24 December 2018.

Col Joslen Exford from the Bhisho SAPS Training Academy thanked everyone, who worked tirelessly to ensure the successful training and pass-out parade.

Displays of police work were executed to entertain the audience.

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