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Over R160 000 in traffic fines issued between 24 and 26 December

Dec 27, 2017
Over R160 000 in traffic fines issued between 24 and 26 December

In the three days between the 24th and 26th of December, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's Metro Police service issued fines worth over R160 000 to drivers for various traffic violations that included talking on cellphones while driving, driving without licences, driving unregistered and unroadworthy vehicles. 

Several drivers were also arrested for drunk driving while Metro Police officers responded to various complaints and ensured the municipality's by-laws were respected.

According to Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Metro Police Chief, Yolanda Faro, the following successes were achieved over the three days.

24 December 2017

Traffic Contravention 

1. Cellphone-6=R9000.00

2. Obstruction-5=R2500

3. Overtaking on the left-1=R1000.00

4. Prdp-1=R1000.00

5. Overload-5=R1500.00

6. Unlicensed / Unregistered-13=R4200.00

7. Driving license-2=R3000.00

8. Open the door while vehicle in motion-1=R500.00

9. Disabled parking-4=R1200.00

10. Parked on sidewalk-9=R2700.00

Liquor Confiscated

19x 750ml Castle Lager

2x 750ml white horse whisky 

48x 330ml Spin

17x 330ml Brutal fruit 

6x330ml Pine twist 

1x half bottle klipdrift brandy

Open Fire

2x open fire extinguish at Beach 

Noise Pollution 

1x Taxi with the loud music removed at Shark Rock beach 


"Complaint about kids sleeping on the pavement  opposite Makro. Metro Police responded but on arrival was told kids was already  removed," described Faro. 

"Metro Police responded to a call along G-West Walmer, new informal settlement  to assist an Ambulance into the area. They arrived before the ambulance and they were informed that a sick lady passed away at 06:45 in the morning. The ambulance services arrived at 08:55 The person was declared dead."

She added that Metro Police officers also responded to another call in Uitenhage where criminals were stealing bank cards at Hungry Lion Restaurant and they met with someone, who was almost scammed but they gave her back the card and left.

Night of 24 December 2017

Traffic Contravention 

1. Cellphone-1=R1500.00

2. Red Robot-1-R1500.00

King's Beach

8x open fire  

21 illegal Traders removed 

Faro said that Metro Police officers responded to a complaint at corner Samantha & Cape Road of children begging money. 

"On their arrival they found no one," she added. 

"Metro Police responded  on domestic violence case along 3rd Avenue, Hillside. The perpetrator was warned and they advised the complainant  to get an interim protection order."

Visible Patrol 

Adcock Stadium 


The Metro's ShotSpotter system led to the discovery of a victim, who was shot two times on the chest at Martin Street and he collapsed and died at Leith Street, Helenvale.

"The body was removed by Forensic Pathology."

SAPS and Metro Police responded to a house along Voisin Road found kids playing with crackers .

25 December 2017

Traffic Contravention 

1. No driving license-23=R34500.00

2. Learner-2=R400.00 

3.Red Robot-1=R1500.00

4. Unlicensed/ Unregistered-3=R900.00

5.Unroadworthy-6= R12000

6. Number plate-3=R1500.00

7. Permitting driver without a Prdp-3=R4500.00

8. Permitting unlicensed driver-16-R16000.00

9. Overload-2=R600.00

10. Discontinued-1


King's Beach 

Metro Police staff performed  By-laws duties at the Beach front.

1x Illegal Trader was removed from King's Beach. 

Visible Patrol 

Happy Valley 

King's Beach

Willow Dam 

Metro Police extinguished 2x open fires.

Domestic violence 

"Metro Police responded to a Domestic violence case along Bosbek Str Uitenhage. The perpetrator fled before their arrival   because the complaint warned him that Metro Police is coming," described Faro. 

"Metro Police visited the complainant, who was the complainant of domestic violence on Sunday and she confirmed all was in order."


5x shot fired at Bongo Str 

Number 7,15 & 25 no injuries.

Night of 25 December 2017

Traffic Contravention

1. Red Robot-1=R1500.00

2. Parked on sidewalk-12=R3600.00

3. Disabled parking-8=R2400.00

4. No driving license-1=R1500.00


Metro Police responded to a complaint along Mdudu Str, Motherwell. 

'On their arrival, they found one suspect arrested by SAPS for house breaking," described Faro.


Metro Police arrested a suspect for possession of dagga at River Road and also arrested someone for attempted house breaking/burglary at City Hall. 

Accidents Code 50

Metro Police responded on Code 50 along Boshoff Street, in Westering, and on their arrival they found a vehicle overturned with no driver inside. Kabega Park SAPS took over the case and took the vehicle for further investigations.

Liquor Confiscated

5x 330ml Smirnoff spin

Open fires 

1x open fire extinguished at the Beach

26 December 2017

Traffic Contravention 

1. Unlicensed driver-18=R27000.00

2. Prdp-3=R3000.00

3. Overload-3=R900.00

4. Permitting unlicensed driver-11=R11000.00

5. Permitting driver without a Prdp-3=R1500.00

6. Red Robot-1=R1500.00

7. Unroadworthy vehicle-4-R2000.00

8. Obstruction-1=R500.00

9. Number plate-1=R500.00

10. Barrier line  =1= R300.00


"About church noise along Govern Mbeki next to Engen Garage. Sgt Rufus  responded and found premise locked and secured. Complainant informed via his Land line," said Faro.  

"Illegal Trader at Pollock Beach. Metro Police  responded found no illegal trader on site 

"Complaint of a truck that is illegally parked for the last 4 days and there are people sleeping in the truck along Glangery Crescent, Humewood.  Metro Police responded on their arrival they found the truck moved to the front of Catholic Church in Laroch Drive and Section 341 Unlicensed/ Unregistered motor vehicle was issued R300.00."

She said that officers removed an old man begging for money at the Intersection of Boardwalk and Shark Rock beach.

Faro added that a woman was robbed along Killarney Street, Driftsands, by two males using toy gun. The suspects fled and the gun was left on scene. W/O Warren of SAPS Humewood informed.  


126 Recknec Str two rounds fired nothing found

Night of 26 December 2017

Traffic Policing 

2x Unlicensed & Unreg. vehicle

3x Fail to switch on lamps after sunset

2x Stop causing obstruction 

4x Illegal Parkings  (on verge )

2x Unlicensed drivers 

1x Parked on bus stop

56x vehicles stopped 

Crime Prevention 

Foot patrol in Hobie Beach; Shark Rock pier area; Kings Beach parking lot; 

Visible Patrols in Jurastic Park area 

2x open fires put out in Kings Beach parking lot 

1x Tent structure put down

Visible Patrols & Complaints

1) 1x Vagrant sleeping on side walk removed from Boardwalk entrance and taken Humewood SAPS.

2) Storm water drain overflowing from Boardwalk into Beach Road opposite the Shark Rock 

3) 7x Open fires in Juristic Park area.

4) 2x illegal alcohol traders removed from Kings Beach parking lot; alcohol confiscated and booked at Humewood SAPS.


1x Drunk driving 

Municipal By-Laws

Alcohol Outlets compliance in line with Liquor Board license could not produce a letter from Municipality to be open later:

1) Beershack closed at 02:00

2) White Tiger closed at 02:20

3) Cubana club closed at 02:30


2x illegal number plates

1x knife from vagrant

1x screw driver from vagrant

Decanted Alcohol 

18x 350ml bottles of Castle lite

5L 4th street (opened)


1x Fatal; control requested assistance & Echo Shift responded 


Everything went well with Metro Police stamping its authority to ensure compliance to all Municipal By-Laws and crowd management, Faro said.