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Overstrand Municipality postpones completion of Bientang upgrades

Aug 8, 2018
Overstrand Municipality postpones completion of Bientang upgrades

Village Square tenants asked the Overstrand Municipality to temporarily stop construction work on pump station 2, situated above the old harbour in Hermanus, the municipality said on Wednesday.

"Many businesses in that area reported that trade has been severely affected by the events of the past couple of months, and the on-going work on the pump station in close proximity to their businesses is not helping," explained spokesperson, Riana Steenekamp.

"Having considered this request, the municipality has agreed to interrupt the construction project with the proviso that it must be completed within the 2018/19 financial year.

"Given that the Bientang pump station dates back to the 1960’s, a comprehensive upgrade is a matter of necessity."

She said that, nevertheless, having considered the risk of keeping the over-capacitated sewerage pump station in operation for yet another peak season, all parties have agreed that work on the project should cease and that completion must be postponed till April 2019.

"Meanwhile, Overstrand Municipality undertook to do its utmost to prevent any spillages and to ensure that a proper maintenance regime is followed in the interim.

"The new rising main pipeline still has to be completed and connected to the existing system. This will not only impact tenants of Village Square, but also businesses along Marine Drive and Main Road as well as those on Market Square," Steenekamp said.

"Unavoidably, whilst construction is underway, sections of Marine Drive, Market Square and Main Road as well as the parking lots in the affected areas will be closed temporarily to vehicular traffic. Pedestrian traffic will be accommodated as far as possible.

"Nevertheless, work at the pump station itself and rehabilitation of the site will be completed as far as possible before civil construction is suspended in October 2018."