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Overstrand Municipality's New MAYCO announced

Feb 28, 2018
Overstrand Municipality's New MAYCO announced

Newly-elected Overstrand Executive Mayor, Dudley Coetzee, on Wednesday announced his Mayoral Committee.

The announcement was made during his acceptance at the Council meeting that was held in the Hermanus Auditorium.

Councillor Elnora Gillion has been elected as the new Deputy Executive Mayor for Overstrand, and will further retain her position as chairperson of the Economic Development and Tourism portfolio – to which Protection Services has now been added.

The Mayor pointed out that the latter was due to a decision taken to reduce the Mayco by one as part of council’s continued cost-containment drive.

Councillor, Riana de Coning is now the chairperson of Finance, whilst Cllr Andrew Komani will be the chairperson of Management Services, Cllr Kari Brice of Infrastructure and Planning and Cllr Arnie Africa of Community Services.

The Mayoral Committee under the leadership of the Executive Mayor for the period 2018 – 2021 comprises of:

Executive Deputy Mayor &
Economic Development and Tourism ,as well as
Protection Services Portfolios

Cllr Elnora Gillion

Finance Portfolio

Cllr Riana de Coning

Management Services Portfolio

Cllr Andrew Komani

Infrastructure and Planning Portfolio

Cllr Kari Brice

Community Services Portfolio

Cllr Arnie Africa


Image: The newly elected Overstrand Executive Mayor with his Mayoral Committee team are: Cllr Andrew Komani (Management Services), Cllr Riana de Coning (Finance), Mayor Dudley Coetzee, Deputy Mayor Elnora Gillion (Economic Development and Tourism, as well as Protection Services), Arnie Africa (Community Services) and Kari Brice (Infrastructure and Planning).