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PAC wants King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality council dissolved, managers suspended

Apr 9, 2019
PAC wants King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality council dissolved, managers suspended

Allegations of sexual harrassment, corruption, nepotism and abuse of power at King Sabata Dalindyebo Local Municipality

Mthatha - The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) in the Eastern Cape has called on Eastern Cape MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA), Fikile Xasa, to immediately dissolve the King Sabata Dalindyebo Local Municipality council and suspend certain senior managers.

"The PAC in the Eastern Cape was left in shock after studying the report on a King Sabata Dalidyebo Local Municipality investigation as commissioned by the MEC for CoGTA," said Ndiyakholwa Ngqulu, PAC Eastern Cape spokesperson.

"This report, in explicit words, has demonstrated how this local municipality has no regard for the law, no respect for human rights and even has no consciousness to deliver any service to the tax payers of this municipality."

Ngqulu said that the allegations, backed with affidavits on sexual harrassment by senior officials, the abuse of power by senior managers, with selective application of no work no pay policy on those, who refuse sexual advances, leave no room to imagination.

"The senior management in this local municipality does not deserve to be employed in any municipality if half of the things said here are close to the truth," he described.

"Furthermore, the PAC noted that the action by MEC in the first place was as result of lack of action from the municipality council on numerous complaints by the employees.

"It is demonstrated in the report that employees further went for outside political interventions on their frustrations due to no action by the council.

"The report also reveals R71 million of unauthorised expenditure as result of a council decision that was taken without due considerations and application of the mind on their implications thereof.

"This R71 million was never budgeted for, it was taken from MIG, Equitable share and electricity grant. This state is beyond abnormal."

'KSD faces allegations of sexual harrassment, fraud, corruption, victimization, abuse of power and nepotism'

Ngqulu added that the major allegations on the report, which are backed by sworn affidavits are sexual harrassment, fraud, corruption, victimization, unfair treatment, abuse of power, nepotism and favouritism.

"All these series of accusations point to senior management. The collapse of employment systems by senior managers is also another danger that KSD found itself in," he explained.

"A case in point is of a person, who was hired for three days and later dismissed as when she was employed, she had been mistaken for someone else."

Ngqulu said that the PAC in the Eastern Cape is now calling on MEC Xasa to dissolve the municipality council as it has failed its duties to protect and serve the municipality with integrity.

"The council shows no understanding of what has been happening under their nose. This could mean they are not competent or involved in wrong doings," he added.

"The council must be dissolved and municipality be under administration with immediate effect.

"We also, call on suspension of all those senior managers pending investigations on their conduct. Law enforcement must be firm and play their role on crimes committed there including but not limited to sexual harrassment, selling of muncipality assets with no resolution and fraud."

Ngqulu said that the PAC is warning the MEC that the state that Mthatha is currently, will only get worse as workers are taking the fight to another level.

"Let us control this before it get worse than it is at the moment. We can still solve the situation if we listen to the cries of the workers. Enough is enough."

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