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Panayiotou trial final arguments to be heard next week

By Jesica Slabbert - Oct 17, 2017
Panayiotou trial final arguments to be heard next week

Over a year since the trial of disgraced Port Elizabeth businessman, Christopher Panayiotou, began, presiding Judge Dalayin Chetty ruled that the State and the Defence present their final arguments in the Port Elizabeth High Court next week.

Panayiotou and his alleged accomplices, Sinethemba Nenembe and Zolani Sibeko, are accused of orchestrating the kidnapping and murder of his wife Jayde in April 2015.

Defence Advocate, Terry Price, on Tuesday afternoon called a surprise witness, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Indra Goberdan, the boss of State Prosecutor, Marius Stander.

She was called to determine whether authorisation was given to perform the sting operation that took place where Panayiotou is seen implicating himself in a video with alleged middleman, Luthando Siyoni.

When asked if she gave permission for the sting operation to take place, Indra stated she did not since she had no authorisation to do so.

After Indra was excuse, Price stated that he had no more witnesses to call and closed his case, after which Defence Advocate, Peter Daubermann, who is defending Nenembe and Sibeko, also closed his case.

Stander then brought forward an application for the State to reopen their case and to recall two witnesses in response to Selvan Gounden’s testimony over who gave permission for the sting operation.

Price immediately objected the application, stating that the State was trying to get the last word in.

Judge Chetty denied the application and declared that he would like to hear the final arguments in the trial.

After a short debate over dates, Judge Chetty ruled that the State would be giving their final arguments on the 26th of October and the Defence would do the same the next day.