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Paris terror attacks: Police make more arrests

By Charl Bosch - Dec 15, 2015
Paris terror attacks: Police make more arrests

French police have reportedly confirmed the arrest of a suspect believed to have involved in last month’s terror attack in Paris, which left 130 people dead and over 350 injured.

According to the BBC, the 27-year old man was allegedly planning a trip to Syria but arrested and taken into custody although his exact roll remains unknown. A total of 360 people have so far been placed under arrest in the weeks following the attack.

In a related incident, two eyewitnesses told broadcaster that the alleged mastermind behind the attack, Belgium national Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was spotted on the Greek island of Leros two months ago, with one observer claiming he even arrived at a hospital to receive treatment for a leg wound.

On Monday, French media reported that two suspect, who blew themselves up outside the State de France, had arrived in Leros earlier that month, before departing on ferry to Athens with four other men who were not seen again.

Abaaoud and two other accomplices, one being his cousin, were killed in shootout on a complex in the Parisian suburb of Saint Denis on November 18th, with police stating his identity only became known after his fingerprints were taken.

Raids have meanwhile continued taking place across the French capital with The Australian reporting that two men, believed to have provided Abaaoud with accommodation, were taken into custody with arrests also being made in Belgium and Turkey.