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Paris terror attacks: The latest

Paris terror attacks: The latest

French police have reportedly launched an investigation into the whereabouts of a ninth suspect implicated in Friday’s terror attacks in Paris.

According to reports, CCTV footage showed the man inside the vehicle, believed to the same black Belgian registered Volkswagen Polo found outside the Bataclan Theatre, with brothers Salah and Brahim Abdeslam as the attacks began.

The latest findings comes hours after a shootout erupted between police and special forces in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis on Tuesday evening, while an anti-terror raid was being carried out. It however remains unconfirmed whether any arrests took place.

Meanwhile, two men arrested in Belgium earlier this week, have told police they were merely asked to drive Salah from Paris to Brussels and had no further involvement. It is believed that police, who stopped their vehicle multiple times at the border as the shootings unravelled, where unaware that Salah was one of the men wanted.

In the latest reports, a friendly football match between Germany and the Netherlands at the HDI Arena in Hanover was cancelled two hours before kick-off, following reports of a bomb threat as spectators continued to make their way inside.

At the same time, a second friendly between France and England at the Wembley stadium in London, went ahead without any interruption as close to 72 000 spectators, including British Prime Minister David Cameron, payed tribute to the 129 victims by singing the French national anthem in defiance.

In another development, two Air France planes bound for the United States were diverted following bomb-threats, which turned out to be hoaxes.


IMAGE sourced from en.trend.az