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PARIS TERROR Part 1: Editor and cartoonists amongst the dead

PARIS TERROR Part 1: Editor and cartoonists amongst the dead

The lawyer for French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has reportedly confirmed the deaths of editor-in-chief Stephane Charbonnier as well as cartoonist Jean Cabut, Bernhard Verlhac and Georges Wollinski in a suspected terror attack at the publication’s office in Paris.

According to the BBC a third suspect is believed to be involved in the killing of 12 people in an attack that has sent shockwaves throughout world.

Two heavily armed gunmen opened up fire on the media house shortly after 11h00 French time in an attack reportedly related to the publishing of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed in a bad light. The magazine had its office bombed four years ago after publishing a cartoon showing the Prophet naked.

A video taken by an eyewitnesses and later posted on YouTube, shows the attackers getting out of a black Citroen C3, reported to have been stolen, before shooting at a police from a distance and then at close range. The suspects subsequently return to the car before taking off in leisurely fashion. It’s unclear as whether this happened before or after the shooting at the magazine’s office.

In another video, taken from the rooftop of a building nearby, the suspects are shown shooting wildly in the streets while a still image shows them shooting at an approaching police car. Two police offers are reported to have died in the shooting.

It has been alleged that the suspects abandoned the C3, which has since been taken in for police evidence, and changed to another vehicle. They continue to remain at large.


CAPTION: Still image showing the gunmen firing at an oncoming police car. IMAGE sourced from globalnews.ca