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Parli dress code proposal does not sit well with EFF

Parli dress code proposal does not sit well with EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have reportedly rejected Parliament’s proposal of imposing a “business attire” dress code during sittings of the National Assembly.

According to News24, party MP Sam Matiase said Parliament’s revision of the rule amounted to similar tactics used by the apartheid government, and that it should not even be considered as no parties had agreed to it.

“The rule must be rejected and the EFF rejects this rule and we want to put it across. This rule will not go unchallenged,” he said at rules sub-committee meeting earlier today.

“Government and the ANC cannot prescribe to us how to dress - unless this has become the company of the ANC where they impose dress code”.

Speaking to the SABC, sub-committee chairperson Richard Mdakane said the rule changes would also include a solution to the blockings of motions without notice as carried by the EFF in recent months.

A proposal for this involves the submitting of a motion to the speaker who can only reject it if an MP has not addressed the imposed guidelines properly.

This would include the motion, either congratulatory, celebratory or expressing condolences, being rejected if it receives a majority from five political parties, the African National Congress, Democratic Alliance and three other parties, or else being accepted.


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