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Parliament Chaos: SA not alone

Parliament Chaos: SA not alone

In the wake of the recent chaos that erupted in the South African Parliament, more specifically with regard to the conflict between EFF MPs and security personnel, it would appear that South Africa is nowhere near to taking first-prize when it comes to parliamentary chaos. Let’s take a brief look...


3. South Korean Parliament’s tear-gas turmoil

Image courtesy of: www.vosizneias.com

In 2011, an opposition MP set-off tear gas in the South Korean Parliament in the midst of controversial legislation relating to free trade with the US.

Kim Sun-Dong, a member of the Democratic Party, set off the tear gas before being forcefully removed from the building.

The bill would go on to be passed.


2. Ukrainian Parliament’s smoke-bomb, egg and umbrella pandemonium

Image courtesy of: dalje.com


In 2010, the Ukrainian parliament held a session in which to vote for allowing Russia to continue using a naval base in Crimea.

The “voting” turned into egg-pelting as opposition MPs launched the protein-packed projectiles at a far-from-surprised speaker, who jolted into action by converting umbrellas into durable shields.

Smoke bombs were also let off, eventually consuming every corner of the chamber, leaving behind a hazy mist of comical proportions that filled the lungs of battered parliamentarians.

At the end of the day, an extension was granted to the Russian “Black Sea Fleet” in the Crimean port of Sevastopol.


1. Jordanian Parliament goes AK

Illustation of the Jordanian Parliament. Image courtesy of: me-confidential.com

In 2013, after a fierce debate over government policy, Jordanian MP, Talal al-Sharif, attempted to bring an AK-47 into the parliamentary chamber but, when confronted by security outside the chamber, fired shots in the hallway before being arrested. The shots were clearly audible from inside the chamber, sending a wave of shock through many of the MPs.

His alleged target was fellow politician, Qusay al-Damissi, who was left unharmed, at least physically, by the incident.    


Main Image courtesy of:  www.rdm.co.za