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Parliament’s Transport Committee to establish an inquiry into PRASA

Mar 9, 2017
Parliament’s Transport Committee to establish an inquiry into PRASA

Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Transport has resolved to establish an inquiry into governance challenges at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa).

This also comes after Transport Minister, Dipuo Peters, on Wednesday, announced that the Prasa board had been dissloved with immediate effect.

The Chairperson of the Committee, Dikeledi Magadzi, on Wednesday said the resolution was not taken lightly by the Committee.

“After two days of deliberations, the Committee still did not have a sense of whether Prasa will be saved. It is important that Prasa works if we are to grow the economy and deliver on the mandate to get poor South Africans to work,” Magadzi said.

She added; “As things are now, there is no sense that the board is in control of anything. It does not seem that there are controls at the entity to ensure good governance in line with legislation. That said, the Committee is of the view that the entity could still be saved.”

The Committee held a two-day briefing on Prasa governance challenges and the recent axing of the former Acting Group Chief Executive Officer, who was seconded from the Department of Transport.

The Chairperson said the terms of reference and composition of the inquiry will be decided at the next Committee meeting.

“Representatives and officials should at all times seek to be of use to the poor people we are meant to serve. Prasa is spending public funds resolving disputes and fighting among officials and, in the meantime, delivery to the people is suffering,” Magadzi said.