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Part of St Francis Bay beach declared off limits as 13-metre whale carcass is moved

Dec 21, 2016
Part of St Francis Bay beach declared off limits as 13-metre whale carcass is moved

In consultation with Cape St Francis residents, the Kouga Local Municipality on Tuesday said that it had decided to remove a 13-metre Brydes Whale (pronounced Breedes)carcass that washed up on the Cape St Francis beach on Sunday afternoon and was temporarily buried on Monday.

Due to the shallow water conditions, it was deemed too dangerous to tow the whale out to sea. 

"The whale will be excavated on Wednesday morning and removed to Humansdorp for burial," the municipality said.

"We request all beach users to respect the cordoned off area as there will be danger involved in removing the whale."

In a Facebook post, the Cape St Francis Civic Association said what it termed "Operation 'Move that Whale'" will commence at 09:00am.

"The part of the beach where the operation will take place will be blocked off completely. We ask that the public stay away from the area. The area is now being treated as a bio-hazard zone and we have to adhere to the protocols," it added.

"A large area of the main beach car park at the ablution facilities will be blocked off to allow access for the trucks and other materials. We apologize for any inconvenience."

The carcass will be moved onto a truck and then taken to a registered dump site where it will be buried according to the correct protocol.

Port Elizabeth-based Xtreme Projects will be on site to clear up and clean up the site after the removal of the carcass.

"They will use an environmentally friendly absorption material to prevent any leakage. This material will soak up any fatty residue left in the hole before the hole is covered up again," the assosiation said.

"Please allow the crew to do their work and do not crowd the area - it is going to be a smelly process so it will be better to stay away and have some fun in the sun."

Extra shark spotters were deployed to watch out for any sharks that would have been attracted to the beach by the carcass.

Image: Courtesy of Millers Local via Facebook