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Parties refuse to buy into Trollip's proposed 2017/2018 adjustment budget

By Afikile Lugunya - Feb 28, 2018
Parties refuse to buy into Trollip's proposed 2017/2018 adjustment budget

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's proposed 2017/2018 adjustment budget was not approved by Councillors following a marathon Council Meeting that was held on Tuesday, despite Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip's, confidence at a presser on Monday that it would be passed.

According to Trollip, the Metro's adjustment budget sought to address service delivery among the disadvantaged residents of the Bay by making resources available for major service delivery projects in the City.

However, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Congress of the People (COPE), African National Congress (ANC), United Democratic Movement (UDM), African Independent Congress (AIC) and Patriotic Alliance (PA) did not buy into Trollip's proposal and all argued that the budget was not meant for the benefit of the City's poor.

Still, the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) supported the adjustment budget as did the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Unfortunately, the DA-led coalition did not attract enough votes for the adjustments to go through.

The Patriotic Alliance's, Daniel Marlon, who at one time joined the DA-led coalition before seeking Trollip's ouster in November after they fell out, said that he didn’t trust the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's MMC for Budget and Treasury, Retief Odendaal.

“When I raised the issue of unemployment, I was told by MMC Odendaal and Cllr John Best that you can bring 120 unemployed people from the Northern Areas and we will send them to the College of PE or whatever, but that has never happened.

“Now nothing comes to us [in the Northern Areas]. I get phoned when I know that there is a favour needed and there is no courtesy of response to [my] emails,” Daniels described.

He again emphasised that people, who only care about Ironman and forget about the poor people of the City, who need services cannot be trusted - thus, the PA could not support the adjustment budget.

“The budget allocation for the disadvantaged areas gets tempered with - especially if you reflect and think oh this R30 million should be used for Ironman and we will give it back again sometimes; we cannot trust people, who do those things.

“The PA doesn’t support the adjustment budget because it doesn’t reflect any benefits for the Northern Areas people - security is major concern as well as job creation,” Daniels said.

He further told the council meeting that when he asked for 400 unemployed matriculants and graduates from his area to meet with the Mayor he was denied opportunity, which led him to believe that people in the Northern Areas are not taken serious - unless, they are being asked to vote.

Daniels also promised to lobby the black caucus to ensure that Cllr Odendaal “feels the heat” if he further carries on to ‘’make a fool’’ out of him in the Council.

However, Cllr Odendaal put it on record that he will resign if proven that he has misled the Council about the budget.

EFF accused of letting down the people of Nelson Mandela Bay

The DA has since accused the EFF of undermining the work that has been done by the multiparty coalition government since 2016 by not supporting the Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) Municipality’s 2017/18 adjustment budget.

"The Council will not be able to proceed with these service delivery programmes  and change the lives of the poor due the EFF’s narrow decision, at the eleventh-hour, to change its tune, thus leaving the people of NMB and the Council in limbo," Nqaba Bhanga - DA Eastern Cape Provincial Leader, said.

"Further to this, the EFF has stated its intention to table a motion of no confidence (MONC) in Mayor Athol Trollip, despite the fact that they have fully supported him on two occasions – once when he was elected by the Council in 2016 and again when the Mayor faced an unsubstantiated MONC tabled by the ANC in November 2017.

"The EFF’s political schizophrenia will only harm the people of NMB."