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Partners for Possibility hosts information session in East London

By Yolanda Palezweni - May 11, 2017
Partners for Possibility hosts information session in East London

A local internationall- renowned social enterprise that works in under-resourced schools in South Africa, Partners for Possibility (PfP), on Wednesday hosted information sharing session with schools principals and business leaders at the Warmkaros Conference & Function House in Southernwood, East London.

PfP has made a significant impact within South African schools and communities through collaboration, development of principal and business leadership competencies, the partnership have succeeded in achieving tangible results for South African society and education.

Speaking to RNEWS, Louise Van Rhyn,Symphonia for South Africa and founder of Partnerships for Possibility, said that the programme is designed to engage business leaders in a challenging hands-on educational environment with a complex needs that require skills leadership.

“Though partnership with the business leaders, our programme equips principals with the skills and knowledge to lead change and mobilise communities around their schools,” described Van Rhyn.

She added that, the programme is to help bridge gap between under-resourced schools and private schools to be on the same level.

Since starting in 2010, Partners for Possibility has grown from one school in the Western Cape to 600 schools today.

Amongst them are eight schools in East London. 

“We started this programme four-years-ago and it’s been a success we want to continue working in East London for better change and spread our success,” said Van Rhyn.

 As part of their programme, they join a business leader with a school principal of an under-resourced school in a year-long part-time programme.

During this programme, the partnership receives leadership training and together they work on a plan to improve the prospects of the school, involve the teachers and parents and improve the quality of education that the learners achieve.

Bukelwa Makhebesane, Principal at Siyavuya Primary School in NU 14, in Mdantsane, East London, said that the programme will be beneficiary for them especially schools catering for learners from poor backgrounds as it will lift their standard of learning.

“We hope the partnership will bring change to our schools, already department of education is dealing with a lot, having such programmes will meet the department half-way,” said Makhebesane.

She added that schools especially in the townships are lacking teaching resources and this might be an opportunity for them to develop as a partner business might contribute and help out where they can.

Another school Principal, Busisiwe Mdlankomo-Mqamelo, from the Nations College in Southernwood, East London, echoed her and said the programme will bring growth and stability in their schools.

“Such programmes are very good for the school children and teachers for skills developing, if they can equip the educators then it will be easier for us to teach better and develop our children,” said Mdlankomo-Mqamelo.

PfP is actively recruiting more business leaders to join the long-waiting list of participating school principals.

The programme is truly life changing and the training that both the business leader and school principal will receive has been accredited by the University of the Western Cape.

PfP has been recognised as one of the “Top 10 international Leadership Providers” by HR.com.