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Partnership between Thembalethu Library and Centre for the Blind

Aug 15, 2017
Partnership between Thembalethu Library and Centre for the Blind

The partnership between Thembalethu Library and Ilitha Centre for the Blind will not only provide an inclusive service that caters for the needs of all communities but it will also open the door to knowledge and information for the visually impaired people of the surrounding areas.

The launch of a partnership between George libraries and Ilitha School for the blind was held at Thembalethu Library last week Thursday, August 10.

According to Rachel Williams: Manager: George Libraries, this service will ensure that the quality of life of citizens is improved. Williams indicated that the new partnership will ensure that learning opportunities are created for the visually impaired people of Thembalethu, Lawaaikamp and Borchards.

The staff of Thembalethu Library took the bold step of approaching Ilitha Centre for the Blind with the aim of assisting the 66 learners of this centre. The idea behind the partnership is to:

1. Encourage social interaction with other library members,

2. to ensure that the learners have access to information and technology,

3. to provide training in technology,

4. to encourage learners to participate in library programmes i.e. book discussions, book clubs, book reviews and more.

5. and to enrich the lives of these learners and to encourage them to make a valuable contribution to their communities by engaging in public dialogue and informed decision-making processes as well as to develop a love for reading and information.

Williams says in pursuit of a knowledge society and to ensure free and fair citizenship, this programme promises to eradicate information poverty, whilst cultural diversity and active citizenship is being encouraged and emphasised. Education and lifelong learning is hereby fostered.

This is also an opportunity for all illiterate people to benefit from the free service that is being rendered. The primary objective of this project is to provide access to reading materials through assistive devices and the provision of necessary technology.

Image: Library Assistant, Abigail Geyeza of Thembalethu Library during her Read-Aloud Session.