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PARTY ROCKER: The Photobooth adds loads of fun and games to any event

PARTY ROCKER: The Photobooth adds loads of fun and games to any event

If you are looking to bring out the crazy in the office introvert or catch your boss off-guard at this year’s office end-of-year party, this may just be the tool for you. The Photobooth can also be used to the same effect at weddings, anniversaries, parties, birthdays - in fact, at any occasion that you may want to treasure forever.

This I discovered when we hired The Photobooth for one of my friend’s bachelorette party. The booth certainly added a unique element to an event that most could have forgotten after a few years.

However, I must also admit that had it been not for Kim from The Photobooth, who is probably one of the most amazing suppliers I have ever dealt with; our party would never have been a success that it turned out to be. Besides needing the booth at the girl’s house, our party started outside of The Photobooth’s standard hire times.

Kim came on board and actually assisted us with planning the party. She also understood our predicament and arranged for us to use the booth out of her usual hire times. Customer-oriented suppliers like her are hard to find nowadays!

I can never fully describe the wild force that gripped the girls when the booth arrived. It was funny watching everyone jostling for space in the cubicle before striking some of the most awkward poses and dramatic faces that I have ever seen and snapping away. People are so inventive when they are in the booth – which I have since called a ‘zero awkwardness platform’.

Almost a year later, thanks to The Photobooth, we can still relive that party through the hundreds of photos that we took. Looking at the quality of our photos, you would think that they were professionally edited.

At any event, The Photobooth is truly such a fun way to encourage conversation and interaction amongst your guests. This is especially true at weddings where The Photobooth can serve as an entertainment feature for adults and children alike while the bride and groom are out doing their photo-shoot, which often takes hours.

You can hire The Photobooth for as little as R1000 for 6 hours which gives you free delivery and set up around PE; unlimited photos; CD with all the photos and web hosting for your photos for 6 months. A technician is also always on call to sort out any mishaps.

To get a quote for your event, call Kim on 072 272 9760 or email [email protected] or visit www.booth.co.za.