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PASMA snatches WSU East London campus leadership from SASCO through coalition

By Yolanda Palezweni - Oct 13, 2017

The Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania (PASMA) on Thursday assumed the position of Student Representative Council (SRC) President at the Walter Sisulu University’s (WSU) Buffalo City Campus, in East London, after forming a coalition with other student movements - the Economic Freedom Fighters Students' Command (EFFSC) and the Student Christian Organisation (SCO).

The coalition follows after this year’s SRC elections, which failed to produce an outright winner at the campus. 

Speaking to RNEWS, newly-pointed WSU Buffalo City Campus SRC President, Vuyo Langeni, said that the South African Students Congress (SASCO) got most of the votes, closely followed by PASMA.

He said that, however, PASMA saw that if it combined is votes with those of the SCO and EFFSC, they would outvote SASCO.

“We decided to have an arrangement with SCO and EFFSC of working together to make sure that we achieve the outmost outcomes for the students. We negotiated with them for days and we finally reached a way of working together,” said Langeni.

He added that they’ll make sure that they unify the structures that are inside the WSU Buffalo City Campus.

“The next step is to embark on a journey of trying to consolidate all these different views into one view, so that they can have unity among the student representatives going forward.

“We will make sure that this coalition does not fail, the situation is very positive already different organisation have set aside their differences because they have the common goal of leading students effectively and efficiently,” he said.

Langeni further added that the coalition must be seen positively as a revolution of new partnerships working towards a better future for South Africa.

“We have just proved that despite our ideologies differences, we can work together and this should set an example to national politics that political parties should set aside differences and work together for the purposes of the working for the people as we have done,” he added.

Walter Sisulu University EFFSC chairperson, who is now the newly-appointed Secretary General of the SRC, Nqaba Sajini, said that students at the campus have been complaining of poor or no service delivery by SASCO, hence they agreed to be part of the coalition with PASMA.

“We part of this coalition because we want to make sure that service delivery is happening in the institution and we are going to work together to achieve that,” said Sajini.

He added that they want to prove SASCO wrong by making the coalition work.


However, rumours have been circulating on social media that SASCO will appeal the constituency of the SRC in court.

RNEWS tried to contact the SASCO chairperson at the campus, but he refused to comment.

However, SASCO WSU BCC deputy secretary, Sive Vuwani, denied that and said that the appeal is just hearsay as the organisation is still grieving their loss in the recent SRC elections as it happened so unexpectedly.

He instated that they still have the numbers on their side despite the PASMA coalition taking the SRC.

“When going to elections, what matters is the numbers and for many years, PASMA has been after SASCO for power and they have been failing,” said Vuwani.

He added that there is no organisation that can claim that it has overthrown SASCO as it took three organisations to partner and overthrow them.

The new SRC structure at the campus sees PASMA receiving the President seat while SASCO gets the Deputy President post; the Secretary General position went to the EFFSC and the Treasury General post was given to the SCO.

PASMA also took the Student Services post while SASCO got the Academic officer, Community Outreach, Policy Gender and Transformation positions.