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Paul Simon, an alchemist of South Africa Brands

Paul Simon, an alchemist of South Africa Brands

As any inventor tinkers on his creation he leaves behind his unique fingerprint.  Uber Flavour Brews are an iced tea innovation that carries the mark of a man who is passionate, creative and carefully attentive to detail.

Creator, Paul Simon first wowed South Africa with his concept store, Young Designer’s Emporium. YDE started as an innovative fashion idea that rocketed to fame as a successful South African brand. It birthed in 1995 when Cape Town-born Paul Simon was a dynamic yet inexperienced 21-year-old about to set the South African business world ablaze with his business flair.

Twenty years on (with YDE sold on for a six-figure sum), Paul Simon is crafting another memorable SA brand. Uber Flavour is a fresh, new iced tea Brew developed to satisfy Paul’s craving to see South African flavour on the world map.

Uber Flavour Brews are rich in Umami flavour (with all its left-field twang), contain only the freshest ingredients and tastes like the real thing, because that’s exactly what it is. Uber Flavour Brews also hold all the tradition and alchemy of time-worn tea brewing techniques. One taste and you’ll feel the presence of the man who brings all these values to putting an innovative twist to classic ideas.

Left-of centre leaning tilts Paul Simon away from the ‘sheeple’ every time. His brain is constantly charged with new ideas, yet he knows that commitment and business technique is needed to take a concept from idea to excellent. If it’s been done before, Paul won’t touch it; innovation and out-the-box thinking gets him going.

Fresh thinkingapplied to fresh (tea) territory is what Paul Simon is all about. A serial entrepreneur, he has tried his inventor’s hand at fashion, children’s play areas and box-shaped retail spaces and now… an iced tea brew with all-natural ingredients.  Sure, brewing tea couldn’t be more different to showcasing fashion, but in this new space Paul applies the same curiosity, attention to detail and flair for partnering with talented creative people. Most importantly he visualises his product flying off the shelves and doesn’t stop until it’s a reality.

“Keep it Real” is a mantra easily applied to Paul Simon – what-you-see-is-what-you- get is just as much a part of the man as the entrepreneur. He smiles philosophically about his failures and speaks lovingly of his family (his wife and two daughters) and of South Africa, a country he’s committed to  - because his sometimes chaotic home gives Paul permission to be different.

The start of these risky, innovative brands is Paul at his most real. YDE’s 1995 launch party served guests cheap box wine and egg sandwiches. Now Paul humbly walks Cape Town carrying a cooler box personally selling his product. He thrives when he’s starting something that gets people whispering “it can’t be done”.

The traditions of every great entrepreneur are values that soon become habits. Paul Simon’s code of total honesty, commitment to relationships and punctuality is lived out daily. He has a rule that he’ll meet with anyone who asks. His tradition is to share his entrepreneurial knowledge, speaking to schools and young entrepreneurs. Most importantly, good business is all about win-win solutions… for Paul it’s the dream of hitting the international market so he can earn top dollar and spend even more family time at his simple lakeside holiday home, firing up the braai and waterskiing.

Magic is behind the alchemy of turning simple ingredients into gold. Paul Simon’s business genius is equal parts left and right brain; he is careful to balance the business books before creating a new brand or turning on the charm to sell an excellent product. The alchemical magic you’ll find in Uber Flavour Brews comes straight from the talented hand of Paul Simon - his unique inventor’s fingerprint is all over it.  

Paul Simon – The Facts.

Paul Simon was born in Cape Town on 24 September 1972. He was raised in Constantia and the only signs of his future flair were his gift of the gab. He studied a Diploma in Fashion Marketing at the Institute of Marketing Management after a stint working in retail stores sparked his interest in fashion. Paul was 21 when he launched the concept store Young Designer’s Emporium at the first store in Greenmarket Square, Cape Town.His parents played a key role in its birth. Paul’s father threatened to evict an unemployed and laid-back Paul from the family home, sparking the YDE concept as a business idea (and urgent survival tactic).  Then Paul’s mother signed surety for YDE’s first premises, putting her retirement savings on the line to see her son’s dream come true. Her risky gamble was to be the foundation of one of South Africa’s greatest success stories.Ten years after Paul Simon started YDE, he sold it to the Truworths Group for an undisclosed six-figure sum. (75% was sold in 2003 and the other 25% in 2005). He has been awarded a number of entrepreneurial accolades, including the SA Best Entrepreneur Award and Mover of the Year and awards from the 1 Billion Rand Club, Cavendish Square Shopping Centre, Ernst & Young, SA Jewish Report Entrepreneur Award, Investec Pvt Bank and Cosmopolitan.

Since then Paul has launched a Children’s Play Area, a novel retail space design called M-Store, supported an online fashion space called &Threads and now in 2014/2015, he’s launching Uber Flavour Brews – an all-natural preservative and no added sugar iced tea. The first sparks of the Uber Flavour idea began in July 2013, when Paul noticed a shortage of natural, no added sugar products to offer his family and friends. In one year he set about formulating a delicious brand that he is excited to offer to a market he believes certainly has a gap for a more natural, great-tasting product.

In 2015 he dreams of adding one fresh flavour, taking Uber Flavour to Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth and then to add a kids friendly offering. No stranger to innovation, we can’t wait to see what Paul Simon manages to achieve with Uber Flavour.

Uber Flavours are currently Honey & Lemon Rooibos Brew; Apple & Cinnamon Rooibos Brew and Mango & Vanilla Rooibos Brew. Please visit www.uberflavour.com for more information.