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PC skills are crucial in your staff or your business will pay the price

By Monique Anvari – Senior Computer Lecturer and Assessor; and IT Training Business and NPO Founder - Jun 22, 2017
PC skills are crucial in your staff or your business will pay the price

Should we be investing in staff training and development - in ‘Professional IT’? What happens if they leave?  What happens if we don’t and they stay?  

Q: Professional & Accredited’ Computer Literacy Training is identified as ‘Critical Skills’ in South Africa – why is that?
How critical it is for those with PC knowledge?

1st:  For Beginners: 

  • If needed for their work, professional and systematic training is required (without leaving any gaps – even a two-week accredited training will boost them).
  • If not needed for work, optionally a 3-5 day training would motivate the learners, even if they are aware that they will not use the skills gained for work.

2nd:  For Those with Existing PC Knowledge: 
In South Africa, many involved in any office related work must have some PC knowledge – either through experience or by attending courses.

However, the problem is that, on one side, while there is [some] knowledge, there are huge gaps! Huge to an extent that the person often feels lost, keeps blaming oneself – struggling, wasting time, losing focus on actual tasks, missing deadlines, producing poor quality outcomes, lowering the brand image, decreasing productivity, making mistakes and losing work confidence… 

This category is the hardest to deal with, and often feels like a difficult test. 

Real scenario:  I recently found myself in a queu at the bank; in front of a Senior Bank Consultant, whom I happen to have known for many years.

While lining up, we observed that this Consultant, using his computer, kept pressing one key repeatedly to get to the other side of the text on his screen.  Then, each time, he would print two sheets, which he would cut at the top, and give to the client in front of him. 

To me, he simply was not properly assessed for computer literacy because he needed to simply press one key every time; and press two keys to print exactly what he wanted without needing to take time and cut it out – these simple features are both covered in our specially designed Modern Keyboarding Session as part of our Intro to PC 1Day Course. 

Unfortunately, many people with some PC knowledge automatically assume that they know ‘all the basics’! 

The good news is that while over 90% of those with existing PC Knowledge leave huge gaps and need refresher/new courses, many often realise they need help. 

In terms of improving the end result (service), the critical role and essential responsibility of Training Decision Makers is very crucial at this ‘slow-transiting point’ in South Africa.

Until the scope of commitment to this issue is not enlarged, companies will keep dealing with insecurity of losing ‘trained staff’; and employees will suffer when changing jobs as a remedy. The holistic implementation is more of an answer to promote individual, corporate, and social success and prosperity.  Special Training Packages are available for various needs. 

In the coming articles, we share with you the investment/loss formula related to IT Professional Training; and more.

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