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PE-based Masifunde Youth Choir to tour Europe in June and July

JUNE 17, 2016
PE-based Masifunde Youth Choir to tour Europe in June and July

Local learners, who are part of the Masifunde Youth Choir, will be touring Germany and Switzerland from the 25th of June, the organisation announced.

Masifunde Learner Development provides educational support in a holistic and sustainable manner to 350 motivated learners from Walmer Township. The educational intervention includes academic support, life skills training, and extra-curricular activities in the fields of arts, media and sport. By encouraging others to follow their example, they become changemakers within their society.

"During their June holidays, the young musicians will travel through 7 major cities in Germany, where they will work together with partnering school choirs through rehearsals and workshops. A big concert highlights the stay in each city, where both choirs perform songs together with each other as well as on their own," described Msikeleli Moli, coordinator at the organisation's Academy of Creativity.

The Academy of Creativity forms part of Masifunde’s core programmes. It combines life skill training and academic support with extra-curricular education in die fields of visual art, music and drama. The Youth Choir has been in existence since the beginning of this year. It consists of 22 High School learners from Walmer Township, most of them attend Walmer High School.

"Following the tour through Germany the group will embark on a 6-day summer camp in Switzerland where the young people from Walmer work further on their performing and singing skills together with Swiss youth," Moli added.

"The tour through Europe not only focuses on the musical development of the aspiring artists, but also gives the opportunity to explore different cultures and diversity very intensively."

The project is a joint venture between Masifunde Learner Development based in Port Eliza-beth, Masifunde Germany and Imbewu-Suisse. It’s generously supported by the National Arts Council South Africa, the Goethe Institute Germany and the German Office for Foreign Affairs.

A send-off concert will take place on Monday, 20 June, at 2.30 for 3.00 until 4.30 at Walmer High School library.