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PE-business benefits from SAICA Financial Excellence programme

Feb 11, 2019
PE-business benefits from SAICA Financial Excellence programme

Eschel Liesering, owner of Plateau Solutions based in Port Elizabeth, specializes in commercial and industrial pest control services, waste management and contract cleaning.

Liesering joined the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICAEnterprise Development at the beginning of 2017 as part of their entrepreneur development programme. At the time, his business had been operating for four years.

Liesering felt that he was not making the progress needed to take his business to the next level.

“I knew that what I wanted, was to build a sustainable business with a good name and reputation in the industry. I definitely lacked in a few areas, especially in implementing financial systems.”

Over the years, access to finance and cash flow has been a major challenge that Liesering has had to deal with. He explains that as a small company, it is not easy getting opportunities from big corporates.

“All we are asking for as small businesses is to be given a fair chance. Pest control is a very competitive industry,” he added.

Being part of the Financial Excellence programme has been valuable to Liesering

“The financial bootcamp taught me that knowing the numbers in my business is of utmost importance. I was able to implement important financial controls, such as an accounting system. This allowed me to have a closer eye on our monthly income and expenditure, which in turn assisted with better cash flow management.”

These financial controls made it possible for the company to produce monthly management reports which is essential when applying for finance, vehicles or equipment. This greatly assisted Liesering with the purchasing of two company vehicles over the past two years.

Liesering recently appointed his first Pest Control Officer on a full-time basis; A true reflection that his company has come a long way and that it is moving in the right direction.

They’ve also been awarded a three-year pest control contract with a major automotive manufacturer in the Eastern Cape.

About a year ago they serviced around 60 clinics in the Metro region alone.

“Since starting on the programme, we have continually increased our monthly turnover and have also implemented smaller financial controls such as asset registers, company vehicle registers and stricter management of our petty cash. This has resulted in an excellent increase in our bottom line. For the first time since we’ve started out, the business has been profitable.”

Creating financially savvy entrepreneurs helps small businesses grow sustainably, ultimately employing more people, and Liesering is a testament to that.

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