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PE-developed e-hailing app Tapstige hopes to take on Uber and others

Aug 22, 2019
PE-developed e-hailing app Tapstige hopes to take on Uber and others

Port Elizabeth - A new e-hailing app, Tapstige, has been developed by a Port Elizabeth entrepreneur and developer, Thimothy. Tapstige, which the developer hopes to be the Uber for taxis, will formally launch on Friday.

RNEWS got an opportunity to chat to the developer and owner about the Tapstigeapp. Here is what we found out.

RNEWS: What made you develop this app – given that the market already has other e-hailing apps like Uber and Taxify?

Thimothy: All the taxi apps that exist are unique in their own individual ways. But with Tapstige, we are taking a different approach we have come to understand that various geographical locations require different transport needs and services and values need be tailored to those specific needs. Hence, Tapstige will make use of various data analytic techniques to offer services that will be different and specific to each city.

We were drivers of existing apps that are currently in the city, and after seeing complains from the commuters and drivers, we decided to come up with an application that understand South African problems and will bring a South African solution. The main aspects we are focusing on are security for both commuters and drivers as well as affordability?

RNEWS: We understand the app is already available on the Google Play and will soon be released for iOS devices. How has the app been accepted so far by the taxi industry?

Thimothy: Tapstige has been warmly received by local drivers. They are very excited about the app.

RNEWS: There are already other popular e-hailing apps on the market. What makes Tapstige unique on the market?

Thimothy: We take security as a priority, we have implemented an OTP system to make sure drivers pick the right person and riders are in the right vehicle. We also have speed dial on the app in case of an emergency. 

RNEWS: When new apps launch, there are often glitches - have you guys prepared for a smooth launch and user experience?

Thimothy: Tapstige is has a simple-to-use user experience. We are making sure that we supply high quality support to those, who might find challenges using our app.

RNEWS: There are still concerns with e-hailing apps about bad driving. How are you going to address these concerns on your app?

Thimothy: Safety matters and as part of our back office administration activities we will monitor driving habits of our drivers and engage with them on regular intervals if we find issues of concern.

RNEWS: Why should taxi drivers sign-up and why should commuters sign up on the Tapstige app?

Thimothy: First of all, by signing-up and using the Tapstige App, you are supporting South African business, which is good for our economy; you are helping on reducing unemployment as we all know that South Africa is facing a high unemployment rate.

The app is a locally-based investment opportunity for drivers that will prove to have great returns in the long run.

For commuters, we have various forms of travel that they can take for different situations. For going to work - a small hatch back would do, but when commuting to an event in numbers, I am sure a bigger vehicle would prove more applicable. Commuters will also have to benefit on cheaper rides as compared to other e-hailing apps. 

RNEWS: What is the profit sharing scheme on your system?

Thimothy: Other e-hailing apps in the city take 25% commission per trip from drivers and Tapstige is proud to say that we will take only 14% commission, which is the lowest in the city. We want our drivers to be able to support their families when driving for Tapstige.

RNEWS: Anything else you wish to share about the app?

Thimothy: We are currently rolling a cash only payment and from the users feedback we will then activate a card payment. Tapstige is born in Port Elizabeth, right here in the Eastern Cape, and we would like everyone to be proud when supporting Tapstige.


Google Play store link to download the Tapstige app play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tapstige.app
Tapstige website link tapstige.com
Email Address: support@tapstige.com 

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