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PE-founded SMSPortal becomes one of the world’s largest bulk SMS providers

Oct 3, 2016
PE-founded SMSPortal becomes one of the world’s largest bulk SMS providers

Local company, SMSPortal, which was founded by two Port Elizabeth boys, has purchased Bulktext.ie, Ireland’s largest bulk SMS provider to further its growth strategy and increase its European footprint. This purchase makes SMSPortal one of the world’s largest bulk SMS providers.

Beginning in a Port Elizabeth garage in 2002, today SMSPortal has a presence in 150 countries, with access to 700 networks. “Through various acquisitions we have ballooned globally since 2013,” beams SMSPortal MD Charles Stretch.

“Our growth strategy is aggressive, and we’re proud to have begun in Port Elizabeth, and fly the South African flag on our overseas visits.”

“The messaging forecasts for application to person communication is predicted to rocket to over $78 billion by 2022,” adds Stretch.

“So this acquisition comes at a critical time for the business.”

SMSPortal sends over 400 million SMSs per month and has a turnover of R700m, and experiences growth of 50% year on year.

“To have begun as a hobby with R20,000 sending SMSs to Port Elizabeth nightclub revelers, to having the global reach we offer customers today, we aim at capitalising on a significant share of the anticipated $78 billion market,” concludes Stretch.

Proudly South African, SMSPortal believes that despite entering international markets its roots will remain here.

“We do a lot of work in the communities in which we operate, and it is something we will still invest in,” concludes Stretch.

“And our internship programme will be dedicated to the development of South African software development graduates.”