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PE gangsters found guilty of killing dagga dealers operating near their turf

Feb 28, 2018
PE gangsters found guilty of killing dagga dealers operating near their turf

Relentless efforts  made by police officers and investigators in arresting gang affiliates in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth and ensuring they remain in custody again bore fruits as the Provincial Gang Investigation Unit once again secured guilty verdicts for two gang affiliates in the Port Elizabeth Regional Court on Wednesday.  

According to police spokesperson, Colonel Priscilla Naidu, Jezwin Peacock (26) and Nealon Redhouse (18), affiliated to the Spotbouer gang, at the time, were found guilty on two counts of murder, illegal possession of a firearm and illegal possession of ammunition.

"On 1 November 2015, the two accused went to a shack in an open field in Ext 31 Bethelsdorp, Port Elizabeth, and gained entry through an open window. The accused then opened the door and allowed more suspects to enter," she said.

"The shack was a well-known drug post. Two persons were shot execution-style.

"The deceased, Gershwin Morris (approx. age 32) and Bramwell Fortuin (approx. age 34) were not gang members, but lived as Rastas selling dagga from this shack."

Col Naidu said that the motive for the killing is believed to be drug-related as the deceased were selling drugs not far from the Spotbouer territory.

"At the time of the offence, all the suspects wore masks and their identities were not known."

She said that due to meticulous crime scene management and forensic analysis, the two accused were linked through fingerprints found on the window sill and on a mask that was left behind by the suspects..

"Within two weeks after the crime, the first accused, Jezwin Peacock was arrested at another drug den in Kleinskool.

"About four months later, Nealon Redhouse (a juvenile at the time)  was arrested at his house in Barberry Drive Ext 31 Bethelsdorp," Col Naidu. 

"Peacock remained in custody while Redhouse was released on bail. Redhouse is currently charged for two other gang-related murder cases, which he allegedly committed after this case.

"Sentencing of Peacock and Redhouse will be passed on 17 April 2018."

The Cluster Commander, Mount Road Cluster, Maj Gen Thembisile Patekile,  has welcomed the guilty verdict  and commended the unit for their dedication and thorough investigation of their cases.

"These successes are as a result of the integrated partnership between the prosecuting authority , investigators and expert forensic analysis. In order to have a successful prosecution a docket must be thoroughly investigated and presented for the case to be heard at court," added Maj Gen Patekile.

"Even though at times  we may not have enough witness statements or even a firearm as an exhibit, through consultation and expert advice from the prosecutors, we emerge the victor in that gangsters are still found guilty and sent to jail."

Col Naidu said that the Mount Road policing cluster  remains committed in ensuring that the people in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth are and feel safe and that criminals responsible for gang related crimes will be arrested and prosecuted.