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PE man admits to salvaging ship remains for scrap

PE man admits to salvaging ship remains for scrap

A 51-year old Port Elizabeth chemical engineer has pleaded guilty to a charge of contravening the National Heritage Resources and Merchant Shipping Acts after admitting he had tried to raise the remains of a sunken ship and selling it for scrap.

According to Algoa FM, Cornelius Uys and his son, Carl, were arrested by police in March last year after being caught red-handed while trying to salvage the remains of the SS Queensmoor, which sank off Cape Recife in September 1934.

Due to it being over 60-year old, the National Heritage Resources Act prohibits the raising of any vessel out of fear for causing damage.

Uys was sentenced to 18 months in prison, suspended for five years on condition of not committing a similar offence, and fined R4 000 while the charges against his son was dropped.


CAPTION: Screen grab showing the sinking of the SS Queensmoor in 1934. IMAGE sourced from curiosity.com