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PE man allegedly stabs wife, posts bizarre Facebook comment

OCTOBER 17, 2015
PE man allegedly stabs wife, posts bizarre Facebook comment

Port Elizabeth police are on the hunt for a man who posted a bizarre comment on Facebook a few hours after his estranged second wife was stabbed multiple times.

She is now fighting for her life in hospital.

Fifteen years ago, the same man was acquitted of killing his first wife.

Police are looking for local man, Martin Stevens, after his wife was stabbed repeatedly on Wednesday evening.

Police spokesperson Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said Stevens should be considered armed and dangerous and they were currently conducting a manhunt in the area.

His estranged wife, Anna-Marie, was attacked in her vehicle as she was arriving at a friend's house.

"As the friend was trying to open the gate, the suspect [allegedly]  jumped into the car and proceeded to stab her with a blunt object multiple times.

"We have opened a case of attempted murder against the suspect and the search continues," said Janse van Rensburg.

In a bizarre twist, a few hours later, Stevens posted an apology to his wife, saying he did not want to hurt her and urged her to tell the truth.

Stevens wrote in Afrikaans, "Just tell my wife I love her very much. Did not want to hurt her. But all the stuff she accused me of, none of it is true. It was like a cancer eating at me please take care of Ruwayne and Martin [believed to be his sons].

"Sorry my wife, I came tonight just to talk to you. Love you lots. Just tell the truth please my wife. I was really not guilty. You always got only the best from me. Why did you really leave me? Again another man? Why couldn't you do it in the right way if you wanted to leave me. I ask again, why all the lies?

"You know you hurt yourself on the boat. No, now I strangled you and jumped on your chest. Tell everyone now why you did that. What I'm going to do now I'm not doing because I am guilty. Í'm doing it because of the pain I have been walking with for three months. You threw me away like a bag of rotten potatoes."

According to Anna-Marie's sister, Marthie Michau, the couple was in the process of getting a divorce after she had accused him of strangling her months before.

Marthie said Anna-Marie was paralysed from the waist down after the attack. She is currently in Livingstone Hospital in a critical condition.

An emotional Marthie, who could barely speak as her voice trembled, told News24, "We are all scared and traumatised. She told me yesterday that she was scared and needed protection. My sister is in a bad condition. Seeing her broken and destroyed just makes me angry."

In 2000, Steven was accused of killing his first wife Johanna, a nurse in Port Elizabeth, but was later acquitted.

A relative of Johanna, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told News24 she was afraid of Stevens.

"I am scared that he will try to commit suicide and to me that is not justice," she said, adding that he had tried to kill himself before. 

"I was afraid for his second wife... I am scared for her."

Police have urged anyone who spots Stevens to call 10111 immediately.


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